Pedestal Alley: The Perfect Afternoon Hike Near Bullfrog, Utah

It was a coolish morning, as coolish as the desert can be in May, and I was off to explore Pedestal Alley on Burr Trail.  There is parking on the left side of the road across from the trailhead, which is marked with a sign, on the right.  The trail basically follows a wash and is also marked with cairns, which are more helpful once you’re on the open rock.  The trail follows the wash most of the time, but occasionally it goes up onto the sand through the plants.  If you want, you can just follow the wash instead of the cairns.


It takes maybe 20 minutes to get out of the wash, so a couple of hours is good for this to allow for more wandering and exploring.  Pedestal alley was one of the first hikes near Bullfrog that I did and it was a good introduction to the desert scenery that I would now call home.  It was pretty windy the day I was there so it was kind of hard to see on my way out with sand being blown all over and into my eyes.  It would be better pretty much anytime after mid-May.


I wasn’t able to follow the whole trail because, you guessed it, work.  It was a nice way to spend the morning and it’s a fairly easy walk.  Its wide open, but has the towering walls around you at the same time.  It’s pretty cool, but there are other places I like much more.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you have the time and are in the area, though.

Tips for hiking Pedestal Alley:

  • If you’re hiking this in the summer, early morning or evening will be the best time to hike since it won’t be quite as hot.
  • There is no shade on this trail.
  • Wear sunscreen and bring lots of water.
  • Plan for 2-3 hours at least so you’re not rushing the whole time.  You want to be able to enjoy the hike.
  • Hiking boots aren’t necessary.
  • Part of the hike is in sand, the other part is on sandstone.  It’s a pretty flat hike, so it’s not very strenuous.
  • The trailhead is maybe only 10 miles from Bullfrog, if that.  You’ll see a brown trailhead sign marker on the right side of the road and a parking area just a bit further on the left side.

Have you been along Burr Trail?  Did you go to Pedestal Alley?  What do you think of it?

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