Best hiking in the Tetons

Hiking to Hidden Falls

Apparently Hidden Falls is one of the most visited sites in the Tetons.  Guess who didn’t know that until right now?  This girl.  It was our first day in the Tetons and we were set on getting pictures of colorful pebbles in the lakes.  What a mission, right?   Without any kind of plan or goal, we parked by String Lake, where we could find room, thank goodness for Smart cars, and set off.


We followed a trail along string lake, admiring the mountains towering above us and the water glimmering in front of us.  People were hanging out along the minimal shores, kayaking and paddle boarding around the little lake.  We continued on this mystery trail until we approached a wonderful view over Jenny Lake.


We saw a sign for Hidden Falls and continued on that way, no idea how far it was.  We crossed paths with quite a few people on our way there.  It was a pretty busy trail.  While we were hiking to the falls, there is also a ferry that takes you across the lake and drastically shortens the hike.  But where’s the adventure in that if you have the time, right?


Overall, I enjoyed this hike, until I got hungry and my feet started to hurt on the way back.  I liked our hike around Jackson Lake more, but would still do this again and definitely recommend it to others.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the falls.  I enjoyed the lake views much more.


Helpful things:

  • If you do the hike from String Lake, wear good shoes that you know don’t hurt your feet.  It’s not a short hike.
  • Bring trail mix or granola bars or something, especially if you’re always hungry like yours truly.
  • Bring bear spray.  This is bear country.  We didn’t see any, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
  • The park does close in November, or once it really starts snowing, opening again in April or May.  Keep that in mind when planning a trip here.


Have you been to the Tetons?  What did you do there?  Did you like it?  Do you want to go?

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  1. This looks like such a great hike! I’ve really wanted to visit the Tetons for a while, but I’m all the way across the country! I’m planning some trips out West this summer though 🙂

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