What To Pack For A Fall Road Trip In The USA

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You’ve probably noticed with the last few posts that I just went on a little southeast US road trip.  We had no idea how long we were going to be gone, but it ended up being 9 days.  I think.  I knew we were passing through South Carolina to go to Congaree national park, spending most of the time in North Carolina, and stopping in Savannah on the way home if we had time.  I figured maybe five days when we left, but it then I thought maybe longer.

I think what I’m getting at, is I had no idea how much of what to pack.  So I went for the sweet spot in the middle.  As usual, I’ll separate it into clothes, toiletries, technology, other stuff, and what I wish I brought.  It was all packed into a Samsonite Oyster Bay suitcase.  It’s one of the smaller carry on sizes.  I also had an old Puma backpack for my computer and stuff.  This is the perfect southeast or New England fall road trip packing list, so get ready to go leaf-peeping!


6 t-shirts – These were just regular graphic t-shirts from Target and Forever 21

1 3/4 sleeve ‘dressy’ shirt – This wasn’t fancy by any means, just nicer than t-shirts

1 camisole tanktop

1 pair of jean shorts

1 pair of gym shorts

2 pairs of jeans

10 pairs of socks

2 bras

6-10 pairs of underwear

1 pair of Chacos

1 pair of tan suede ankle boots

1 black zip-up hoodie – This is just a basic one from H&M

1 green jacket

1 rain jacket

1 North Face windproof jacket



Lush shampoo bar – Honey I washed my hair is my favorite, Jumping Juniper is a close second.

Lush Ro’s Argan body conditioner

Lush yuzu and cocoa body wash

Travel size Garnier conditioner

Garnier micellar water









Laptop + charger

Canon Rebel t3i + extra battery + charger (I forgot my charger though)


iPhone 6

Beats Solo headphones

Other stuff


Sacred Clowns book

Koi 48 watercolor set – I could have gone without this.  I thought I’d use it, but I didn’t.

Prima shimmering lights set – I could have gone without this, too.  I thought I’d use it, but I didn’t.

Canson watercolor paper sketchbook – I could have gone without this, too.  I thought I’d use it, but I didn’t.


Pollen Buster roll-on

Car charger

What I wish I brought

Winter hat


More Dramamine – I stopped to get more at Walgreens and wanted to try the ginger ones, but they’re giant and I can’t swallow big pills.  I was fine without it after that, but it was the end of the trip.

Peppermint oil – To help with motion sickness.  I’ve always wanted to see if it actually helps.

Longer lens

Hiking boots – for the colder weather

Overall, I packed pretty well for not knowing what we were going to be doing, I just should have brought some warmer things.  I was thinking about it before we left, then just completely forgot.  I wore a couple shirts twice and didn’t wear a couple others and didn’t have to do laundry, but any longer and I would have had to.  Other than that and having my paint which I could have gone without, I didn’t do too bad!

What are your packing must-haves?  Do you get car sick?  How do you fight it?

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