2017 Goals Reviewed + 2018 Travel Goals

This is the other post I always get excited about writing.  I know I’ve mentioned I love making lists, and I make a list of goals every year.  The last few years I’ve done a list of goals for when I’m in Wyoming, Utah (or wherever I’ll be), and other general goals that aren’t necessarily travel related.  This time it might be formatted a little different, but I’ll still go over it all.  I’ll go over how I did in 2017 then share my goals for 2018, too.



I didn’t have too many goals for Wyoming, but there were a few things I definitely wanted to do.  Those were to see a moose, a wolf, and a bear.  To visit Yellowstone in the snow, to see the Tetons in the snow.  I wanted to go snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding.  And that’s the list.  Short and sweet.

I saw enough moose to last a lifetime, one wolf, and three bears on my last day in Jackson!  Of course, I got to see the Tetons in the snow and I went snowshoeing twice.  I sort of made it to Yellowstone, but not officially?  I went snowshoeing at Flagg Ranch.  So, count that if you will.  I also didn’t go dog sledding, I’m not really sure why not.  I didn’t go snowmobiling either, which is kind of silly working at a snowmobile lodge.  We did sign up for a trip, but I got sick and didn’t go.

So I got more than half of that little list done, but Utah didn’t go over quite as well.


I’ll start with what I did do: Visit Mesa Verde, Great Basin, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison, drive all of Burr Trail and Capitol Gorge, go into Bryce Canyon, camp more, and explore the Henry’s more.  And the last two are iffy.  I camped a few times, but it was close to the year before.  I also only went into the Henry Mountains once to see new things, but that was more than last year.

Now the things I didn’t manage.  This was either because it was too far from Bullfrog (the main reason) or I just kept forgetting about it.  Go to the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Petrified Forest, the salt flats, Kanarraville Falls, Golden Cathedral, Coyote Gulch, Buckskin Gulch, Calf Creek, Escalante slot canyons, Smith Fork slot canyons, The Wave, Lonesome Beaver, and to look for Geodes and Geocache the Bullfrog area.

The majority of the places on this list are too far to easily visit and would take a long weekend to make it worth the trip.

 Everything else

I did a little better on this list, too.  Still not great, but a few things that didn’t get done are works-in-progress or were very close.  Number one was to start yoga, which I technically didn’t do in 2017, but I got a yoga mat for Christmas and started today (January 3rd).  Next was to make destination guides for my blog, which I did make one for good old Eau Claire, but no others.  I have them written, but don’t know if I really want to publish them.

I had a few behind the scenes blog things to do, and for the most part I’ve done them, but there are a few that are taking forever.  I also wanted to get rid of lots of stuff and I’ve been doing pretty good on that.  Take an east coast road trip was one I wasn’t sure would happen, but I did get to do a southeast road trip, which I’m counting.

Visiting five new national parks a year has become a tradition and 2017 was another successful year for this.  2018 may be a little tougher since I’ve been to all the parks that I could easily visit in a weekend.  It is still on my list though.  I also went back to quite a few parks that I’ve already been to.

New parks:

Parks I’ve revisited:

One goal I’ve had a few times now is to read 100 books in a year.  The first time I was super close with like, 95.  In 2017 I got 91.  I’ll keep trying until I get it, though!  Another thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is to open an Etsy shop.  I’m the closest I’ve come to that happening so far.  I’ve finally created something to sell, which was always what stopped me.  Now I’m trying to find the best place to get them printed and shipping and all that, the behind the scenes stuff.

A few things I didn’t manage to get to were going to Canada, but that was a long shot anyways, exploring Arizona, which was also more hopeful than likely, Geocaching more, and starting to write a novel.  I’ve been interested in writing a book, but it’s pretty intimidating and I’m not really sure where to start.  Now for what I would like to do in 2018!


I’ll start with general goals for the year that aren’t location specific.  I might not include everything, but most will be in here.

General Goals

  • Practice yoga regularly
  • Get my shop going
  • Break 1000 Instagram followers – I cannot get over like, 950.  I’m just stuck there.  So I’m being generous and giving myself a whole year to get it.
  • Get 10,000 pageviews on here in one month
  • Start writing a novel
  • Visit five new national parks
  • Declutter
  • Cut down even more on one-time-use products
  • Eat less meat
  • Try making a travel video
  • Read 100 books

I’m sure I’ll add things to this as the year progresses, but as of now, that’s what I’ve got.  Now for the Utah list!  I have this broken down by region, so they’ll be in order of those from closest to Bullfrog and going out from there.


  • Geocache 276 (the highway leading into Bullfrog)
  • See more of the Henry’s
  • See the Henry Mountain bison
  • Hike the crack (a crack in a rock wall on the side of the road)
  • Pedestal Alley
  • Brimhall Arch
  • Lonesome Beaver
  • See Smith Fork from Land
  • Upper Muley Twist
  • Go back to the San Rafael Swell
  • Explore one canyon on Highway 95
  • Drive Cathedral Valley Loop in Capitol Reef
  • Chimney Rock Trail
  • Pick more fruit in the Capitol Reef orchards
  • Calf Creek Falls
  • Escalante slot canyons
  • Devil’s Garden in Escalante
  • Coyote Gulch
  • Delicate Arch
  • Devil’s Garden in Arches
  • Fiery Furnace
  • Corona Arch
  • Druid Arch
  • Hike in Island in the Sky
  • Drive the White Rim Road
  • Dead Horse Point State Park
  • Angels Landing (finally)
  • Observation point
  • Kolob Canyon
  • Snow Canyon
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes
  • White Pocket
  • The Wave
  • Kanarraville Falls
  • Cedar Breaks

That’s a long list, but I’m feeling very motivated to do as much of it as I can right now.  This post has taken a long time to write and feels much longer than it is, but it’s finally done and I’m ready to get crossing things off.

What are your goals for 2018?  What goals did you accomplish in 2017?  

4 thoughts on “2017 Goals Reviewed + 2018 Travel Goals

    1. I just kind of read whatever is free on mystery/thriller/horror for Kindle and a lot of travel stuff. I do like the Nevada Barr books! I agree on being a little cheesy, but it’s fun reading about parks I’ve been to or am going to! I work at Lake Powell in the summer and saw The Rope first, so I read that and now I always look for them when I go to new parks!

  1. Wow, your goals resonate a lot with me! I love visiting all the national parks in my country too as I love the great outdoors! We just have the 15 over here, but they are fabulous and am gradually making my way round them all…trying to add a new one every year. My faves are all Northern ones – the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District.
    In the States, I’ve been the Smokey Mountains which were amazing, and am hoping on my next trip to Texas, I’ll get to Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns.
    I too have just started Yoga after saying I’d do so for years! (Woop, finally stuck to a New Years resolution, lol…)
    I’m aiming on getting my Etsy Shop (handmade and artistic greetings cards) back up and running as during an extended period of illness I had to suspend it for a while.
    And I would love to figure out doing some travel related videos after being bought some software for Christmas.
    The novel has been on my list of things to do like FOREVER! Good luck with that one… I hope you have more success than me in getting it going….I never seem to have enough dedicated time to spend on it. As a creative person, there’s so many other thInns occupying my time!

    Look forward to reading up on your US national parks…I’d love to visit them all some day.
    In case you wanted to know where I found your blog – I read your interview on ESLT. Was immediately intrigued by reading you National Park posts!
    Have a wonderful 2018!
    Tilly x

    1. Aww, thank you! 😀 We sound like the same person! haha. I would love to explore the national parks in the UK, too! I don’t know much about them, but they look pretty amazing.
      That’s awesome you’re finally starting yoga, too. The novel I’m not so sure about for me yet haha. I always have little ideas but I don’t know how to turn them into bigger ideas, much less an entire book haha. Hopefully you’re able to get going on that, too.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and will keep reading! 😀

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