2017 Goals Reviewed + 2018 Travel Goals

This is the other post I always get excited about writing.  I know I’ve mentioned I love making lists, and I make a list of goals every year.  The last few years I’ve done a list of goals for when I’m in Wyoming, Utah (or wherever I’ll be), and other general goals that aren’t necessarily travel related.  This time it might be formatted a little different, but I’ll still go over it all.  I’ll go over how I did in 2017 then share my goals for 2018, too.

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2017: Year In Review

I always get excited about writing this post, but then I sit down to write it and I’m like, well, where do I even start!?  It’s only taken like a week on and off, but it’s finally here!

This year was a little different.  It was the year of the US.  I took advantage of my time here and explored all kinds of new parks along with returning to old favorites.  While I did this in 2016, too, this time I was in the US the entire year.  So, let’s get started!

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2017 Goals and Stuff

I actually did pretty good on my goals from last year.  Ill go over those first and how I did on them, then get to the good stuff, my goals for next year.

2016 Goals

My first for 2016 was to visit five new national parks and revisit some old ones.  I did this one!  Doing a lot of traveling, it sort of worked out.  Living in Utah I had a chance to visit all five there.  Driving from Wisconsin to Utah, then Utah to Florida and back, I had even more opportunity.

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