21 Photos To Inspire A Magical Trip To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

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I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Potterhead, but I may slowly be converting.  I never read the books growing up, but I watched the movies as they came out, so I sort of knew what it was about. 

After the Goblet of Fire, though, I pretty much forgot everything, except some of the major deaths.  I don’t remember when they happen, but I know they do, so no spoilers!


Anyways, I’ve wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter pretty much since it opened.  It wasn’t one of those things I HAD to do, but it sounded fun. 

Fast forward a couple years and I got the first three books from the library, but I moved out to Utah and couldn’t get the rest easily without buying them, so I stopped reading them for the time being.


Fast forward almost three years and I decided it was time to read the whole series.  I knew I would be in Florida for the winter, so it was the perfect time to read the books and finally visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

I wasn’t able to finish the books before we went, I just finished the fifth, but it was still so fun!  I’ve been waiting to watch the movies until I finish the books and it’s so difficult, I want to watch them so bad.


After a lot of plans to go falling through, I finally made it in January.  It was probably the most laid-back trip possible.  We didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to get there as soon as the park opened. 

I had no idea where anything was.  Nothing was planned out.  We didn’t even stay all day.  I think we were there for like, five hours?  I have no idea how people do that open to close, much less four or five days in a row.


It was so cool walking around and actually getting to see everything.  We went to the Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Hogsmeade and I got picked for the wand choosing ceremony! 

I was super awkward and wouldn’t look at anyone watching me, but it was fun and I’m glad I got picked for it.  I was secretly hoping I would.


I don’t know if there is any rhyme or reason to who gets picked.  There weren’t any kids in our group.  We were the third people in closer to the stairs than the door. 

I was standing in the front row and I had a Harry Potter shirt on.  I don’t know if any of this helped me, but I like to think it was the shirt.


I could go on and on in this post, but I think I’m going to save some of it for another post.  This one is mostly to share pictures and I suppose give a little background. 

Stick around for a more detailed post in the near future to help plan your trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and find out why visiting is one of the most romantic things to do at Universal Studios!


Have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?  What do you want to know about it?  Do you know which house you’re in?

5 thoughts on “21 Photos To Inspire A Magical Trip To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

  1. I went back in 2013 before the link between the 2 parks with the Hogwarts Express opened. Loved what I saw then, so I hope to return sometime! I was one of those people who was out from park open to park close many days in a row and the answer is: I went home for a holiday, lol… I also slept the moment my head hit the pillow every night, which I never do back home. I do wonder now that little bit older whether I could manage it the same way… I’m going back to Disney next year, so i guess I’ll find out then! lol….

    1. Oh I bet that was so fun! I bet it’s probably different going on like, a big once in a lifetime vacation, but I’m not paying for a whole family and am in Florida once a year, so it’s easy enough for me to come back if I want haha. That’ll be fun at Disney! I still haven’t been there yet!

  2. That looks like such a fun place to go. I can’t believe that so much of the movie things are there. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me want to go to Florida now.

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