My Outdoor Florida Bucket List

This winter instead of making a yearly state to-do list, I decided to just make a bigger state bucket list.  Then I decided to turn this into a little series. 

I wanted to do specific states that I spend a lot of time in, want to spend a lot of time in, or am close to a lot. 

Tigertail beach marco island florida

I also wanted to do more general regional bucket lists for all the other things I want to do, which is a lot.  They are all pretty outdoor focused with a few non-outdoorsy things, too.

I’m starting this little series with my outdoor Florida Bucket list.  As I do things and write posts for them, I’ll update this to link back to those.  If I do something and don’t have a post, I’ll just cross it out.  I would like to do one a month with 12 total.

kayaking ichetucknee river gainesville florida

These bucket lists are partially to help me keep track of things, but also to inspire you to get out there, too.  You can find the rest of my Florida posts here and my bucket list posts here

While this is outdoor-focused, there are so many other cool things to do in Florida, too.  As I find new awesome hikes and activities, I’ll continue to add to and update the awesome Florida bucket list to make it even better.

birds on marsh trail ten thousand islands florida

Florida bucket list

Fakahatchee hilton trail florida alligator in sun
fort de soto beach florida
hawk in Big cypress Florida
Shark Valley observation tower everglades national park florida
palm trees in Everglades City florida sunset
Everglades City florida city hall
kayaking ichetucknee river gainesville florida

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Have you done any of these things?  Do you want to?  Is there anything else I should think about adding to the list?  What’s on your Florida bucket list?

4 thoughts on “My Outdoor Florida Bucket List

  1. Oh man! lol I can’t believe Annie Lyttle is on your list! That place is a right of passage for those of us from JAX. Curious to how you learned about it.

    1. I love abandoned/haunted things and probably found it on a list of things like that around Florida!

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