You Might Be A Geocacher If . . .

Alright, alright, you want something of substance again.  I hear you.  But first, I had to share this You might be a Geocacher if . . . post because it’s just fun and I want to.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, head over to my beginner’s guide to Geocaching then come back.  I thought this would be a fun post to share so, you might be a Geocacher if . . .

You think of all the hidden caches you’re passing (and missing out on) as you drive.

You think every pile of rocks has something hidden under it.  And you usually check.

You carry a pen (or four) with you everywhere.  Just in case.

You have a stash of small toys and trinkets for caches in your car.

You save every trinket you come across because it would be perfect for a cache.

You check the app in every parking lot for a park ‘n grab nearby.


You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You have to check for caches near you everywhere you go.

You take up kayaking, snowshoeing, mountain climbing or some other activity just to get a difficult cache.

You think “that’s the perfect hiding spot!” on a regular basis.

You save old jars, film canisters, and Altoid tins as possible containers.

You carry tweezers to get logs out of tiny containers.


You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You point out places you’ve found caches or know they exist but haven’t found them yet when you’re with other people.

You try and move bricks or broken boards to find a clever hiding spot.

You dream of all the places (and cool containers) you could hide a cache in.

You felt like you learned a new language, TFTC!

You’re not worried about how weird you look searching for a tough cache for 20 minutes in one spot.

You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You HAVE to go back for the DNF until you find it.  I mean, people found it after you, it has to be there!

You’ve thought “who puts a micro in the woods!?” more than once.

You’ve also thought “ugh, not another lampost cache.”

You’ve tried to convert a friend into a cacher.

You think about caching first when you’re planning a trip.

You make sure you work in cache time on that trip and every other time you go anywhere.

You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You’ve been late because of a cache “close by.”

You had pages of print out cache information in the good old days.

You actually own a handheld GPS.

You always check cracks in rocks.  You never know, there could be a cache there.

You’ll stick your hand in anything without thinking about it.

Geocache near monument Valley

You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You hear the noise when you’re close to a cache on someone else’s phone and wonder where the cache is before remembering you’re at Target.

You pass a park and feel pained knowing you’re just driving past caches waiting to be found.

You get annoyed when you’re the second to find a cache that’s been around for years.  I mean, come one, you were almost the first!

You’re willing to drive 20 extra miles for that cache because it’s so close!

You’re probably willing to hike farther for it too because you’re already here, you might as well.

You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You check for a cache at every trailhead.

You also check every tree stump.

You’ve been stopped by police while you’re searching.

You’ve got a stash of replacement logs and containers in your car.

You get excited about moving because you’ll have new caches to find close to home.


You might be a Geocacher if . . .

You don’t see junk, you see swag.

You’ll squeeze through a bush and get scratched up because you just know it’s there, but it ends up being somewhere else.

You’ll climb anything to get the goods.

You have an affinity for tiny plastic animals.

You actually read (and understood) this post.

Can you relate to this?  Anything else you would add?  Do you like Geocaching?  Do you want to try it?

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