Bartlett Pictographs: Out Of This World Rock Art In Moab, Utah

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As you know, the theme of my last trip to Moab was rock art and the Bartlett Rock Art was one I was very excited about.  These pictographs are Barrier Style, a style that was featured on Ancient Aliens (if you know which episode, please let me know in the comments!)  The figures look kind of like robot aliens and I love them.


We were trying to hit as many rock art sites as we could and visited the Intestine Man site right before this since they’re along the same road. It was a fun way to spend a few hours outside of the busy parks.

From the Intestine Man we drove up past Monitor and Merrimac Buttes then turned down a dirt road and hoped for the best since we were not in Rango (our 4Runner.)


We made it to the end no problem. There was a rock section we parked before but that is basically the end of the road anyway so it didn’t really matter. It didn’t add much to the already easy walk.

These were surprisingly easy to get to and you don’t actually have to hike very far.  We saw one other small group of people there, but they were on their way out so we had it all to ourselves.  The trail has recently been rerouted to follow the slick rock so please stay on the cairned route to help the restoration.


Parts of the rock art have fallen away, but it’s still very easy to see.  I would definitely recommend visiting these if you’re interested in rock art, aliens, or just generally cool stuff. 

They’re easy to get to, close to other things you’ll probably be doing, like visiting Canyonlands, and just a very unique thing to do in Moab.  It’s also the perfect addition to a southern Utah road trip or Trail of the Ancients road trip.


Overall, I would highly recommend this site if you have a spare couple of hours and want something a little weird on your bucket list.  It’s right on a main highway and you’ll most likely be passing it anyway.  If you want a little adventure, I’d consider this.

Things to keep in mind when visiting rock art & ruins:

  • Do not touch the rock art (pictographs or petroglyphs) because the oils on our fingers can degrade them.
  • If you find artifacts, do not take them.  Leave them where they are and just take pictures.
  • If there are structures (rooms, kivas, anything like that) don’t enter them unless it is stated that you can.  Most places you can’t but national and state parks will have restored structures you can enter.  Mesa VerdeEdge of the Cedars, and Anasazi Museum all have ruins you can enter.
  • And finally, don’t carve in or write or paint or draw on the rocks!  I don’t want to have to say this, but I need to for real.

Where is the Bartlett Rock Art site?

The Bartlett Rock Art site is off of Dubinky Well Road which branches off of Highway 313 which takes you up to Canyonlands.  It’s near Lone Mesa Campground.

Once you turn off of 313 the road is dirt, but a normal car can make it almost all the way to the parking area.  There is a really rough section right at the end of the road before the trail starts but you can park right before that and walk to the trailhead.  It’s a short walk and hike, so don’t worry.  It doesn’t add much.


How to get to the Bartlett Rock Art site

From Moab, head out towards Canyonlands National Park.  Turn onto Highway 313 then follow it for about 8.4 miles and turn at the Lone Mesa Campground sign.  This is Dubinky Well Road, but it is not signed at all.  There is a campground sign, though.

Follow Dubink Well Road for 0.8ish miles then take the left turn.  There is no sign on this road either, except one that says Day Use Area.  A regular car should be fine almost the whole way if it’s dry. 

If you don’t feel comfortable driving on the last turnoff road, you can park at the turnoff and walk the rest of the dirt road, making the hike 1.2ish miles round-trip.  If you go to the end of the road by the trailhead, it’s 0.2 miles.


How much is the Bartlett Rock Art site?

Free!  Just make sure you respect the site and the restoration going on.  You should plan 2ish hours for this.

Camping near Bartlett Rock Art

You can camp in Canyonlands National Park or Dead Horse Point State Park.  You can also camp out at Willow Spring, Lone Mesa Campground (closest to the site), or Dalton Well Road.  You can read more about camping here.


Is the Bartlett Rock Art Site worth seeing?

Yes! Even though parts of it have fallen away, it’s still really impressive and they’re surprisingly big. Like, human-sized big. If you’re already making the drive up here, it’s worth the short detour.


Other things to do in the area:


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Have you been to the Bartlett Rock Art Site?  Do you want to go?  What are the coolest pictographs you’ve seen?

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