Moab Golf Course Petroglyphs: See The Moab Man Petroglyph And Tons Of Other Rock Art

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A last-minute addition to my Moab rock art bucket list was the Moab Man petroglyph at the Golf Course Rock Art Site.  I think I actually had the Moab Man on but Utah bucket list but didn’t realize it was so easy to see.  So one night before dinner, with a little spare time, we decided to head out and see the Moab Man and his beautiful earrings.

The site is super easy to get to and there are signs along the way.  You’ll be going through some residential areas, but its a pretty straight shot to get there and it’s in Google Maps, nice and easy.


And you’ll definitely know when you’re there.  There is a parking area by Robertson’s Farm with a fence in front of the petroglyphs so you can’t go right up to them but you’re not far from them either.

There is an impressive amount of them here, but the Moab Man and his earrings are the highlight.  The panels seen here are from the Anasazi and Freemont periods.  This is a great addition to any southern Utah road trip or Trail of the Ancients road trip.  It’s also a great filler between bigger activities.


Where is the golf course rock art site in Moab?

I know it’s hard to believe, but the golf course petroglyphs in Moab are right outside of the golf course. You drive through a residential area to get here so be respectful of that but it’s super easy to find.

How long do you need to see the Moab Man?

You could easily get to and see the golf course rock art site in an hour.  Maybe even a half hour.  It’s just a short drive from downtown Moab towards The Needles section of Canyonlands.

Do you need to hike to see the Moab Man petroglyph?

Nope! You can enjoy it from your car if you really want to or you can hop out and walk up to the fence for a slightly closer look. There’s no trail here though, you just pull right up to it.


Is seeing the Moab Man petroglyph worth it?

I can’t say it’s not worth it because I love almost all rock art but if you are more limited on time, there are others I would choose over this one, like the Birthing Rock, Bartlett Rock Art, or the Intestine Man. It’s not bad by any means and if you’re driving between Moab and Blanding, it’s worth a short detour.

Things to keep in mind when visiting rock art & ruins:

  • Do not touch the rock art (pictographs or petroglyphs) because the oils on our fingers can degrade them.
  • If you find artifacts, do not take them.  Leave them where they are and just take pictures.
  • If there are structures (rooms, kivas, anything like that) don’t enter them unless it is stated that you can.  Most places you can’t but national and state parks will have restored structures you can enter.  Mesa VerdeEdge of the Cedars, and Anasazi Museum all have ruins you can enter.
  • And finally, don’t carve in or write or paint or draw on the rocks!  I don’t want to have to say this, but I need to for real.

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Have you seen the Moab Man petroglyph?  What are your favorite petroglyphs in Moab?  

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