Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy: Hiking To The Moqui Caverns In Kanab

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Just like the Belly of the Dragon, the Moqui Caverns were another thing I alwaysssss saw on Pinterest and just had to see. Once we decided to transfer to Wahweap and were just an hour from Kanab, I knew we had to stop. And we did on our first trip to Kanab.

We actually went twice that day. It was our first and last stop on a day trip to Zion. The first time we went was probably mid-late-morning. Before noon though. There were a couple of other people there and it wasn’t too bad. We had no idea how to get up the sandstone and tried too early a couple of times, but eventually we made it.

You can see the cave holes on the left side of the wall here

The lighting wasn’t great, but no matter the time of day, it’s hard to get a good picture from inside the caverns looking out. The light was coming into the caverns though which made it harder to get any good pictures because of harsh highlights and shadows.

We spent some time wandering the small cavern system before heading over to the Belly of the Dragon then finally over to Zion. On our way back from Zion, we times it pretty much just right (maybe a little early) for the hour before sunset and the lighting was so much better so up we went again.


We were right there, so porque, no? Like before, there were a few people there. Actually more than the first time, but they didn’t stick around too long. We wander some more. Took more pictures. Enjoyed the colored sand details in the cavern walls and called it good.

Was this the highlight of my summer? No, but I am glad I went because if I didn’t I would always be wondering about it and be wanting to go every time we drove past. It’s a fun little stop and the perfect leg-stretcher on a southern Utah road trip.

Both of our stops were short, but they were enjoyable. I was too afraid to go all the way back in the dark though, even with my phone flashlight, but I’m a huge pansy in the dark soooo, I guess if you go back there let me know how it is haha.

Part of the Moqui Caverns trail

What are the Moqui Caverns?

So what are these weird caves by Kanab? They actually used to be used to harvest sand for making glass in the 1970s! I won’t lie, I was a little bummed when I found out they were manmade but they were still pretty cool. And even a little creepy if you go towards the back!

While they’re just here for our enjoyment now, it was fun actually know how they got there, even if it was for something kind of boring. Now they’re an interesting cave in southern Utah that’s easy to visit.


What’s the best time to visit the Moqui Caverns?

I would say winter about an hour before sunset. The hour before sunset is best for pictures to get that glow, but time of year doesn’t actually matter much. You’re probably less likely to run into other people outside of the summer season, though.

If you do go in winter or when it’s rainy though, be careful on the way up! It could be veery slippery with rain, ice, or snow. Don’t want anyone getting hurt to enjoy these! They are free to visit, too. Can’t beat that!


Before we get to the Caverns. . .

There are tons (and I mean TONS) of scratchings on the walls in here. I get it. You want to leave your name because thats sUpEr CoOl and it’s so easy to carve into sandstone, but don’t. It’s graffiti. It’s vandalism. And no one needs to know (or cares) that Todd was here in 2020. Leave no trace and don’t add to whats already there.


Where are the Moqui Caverns in Kanab?

The Moqui Caverns are 5.7 miles (7 minutes) from Kanab. Just past the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. If you get to the Moqui Cave, you went too far. The cave is a, well cave, sort of, with Anasazi looking ruins out front and you can get food and stuff here.

The Moqui Caverns are just before these (if you’re coming from Kanab) and will just look like some holes kind of high up on thee cliff wall. There are two parking areas on the left side of the road. Just park in either one.


How long is the Moqui Caverns trail?

Less than 1/4 mile each way, for sure. From either of the parking areas, you can see the cave holes and to the left of it the rock sort of slopes down. Head close to the far end of that and you just kind of start to climb your way along that. Don’t try and go up right under/next to the cave holes. It’s super steep.

It can be a little tricky in spots and if you try and go up to close, just go back down and further to the left. We saw a lot of kids walking up, too. Once you get up the bottom part it’s easier and you can kind of see a path. If there are other cars there, just look for the people and see where they go.


What to bring to the Moqui Caverns

You won’t need to bring much on this short hike, but definitely bring water (especially in summer) and sunglasses or a hat!

Hiking poles – These will be helpful on longer hikes that are on the steeper side.  They’ll be good if you have bad knees for when you’re going downhill and will give you something to lean on going up the hills.

Water bottle – It’ll be hot and you’ll need to stay hydrated.  Even if it’s not hot you need to stay hydrated.  A Hydro Flask will keep your water ice cold all day long.

Sunscreen – If you plan on being outside, you’ll want sunscreen.  I like the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch a lot AND it’s reef safe! If you’re sensitive to fragrance though, it’s not a good choice. I also like the same one but specifically for your face.

Hat – You’ll want some kind of hat to keep the sun out of your eyes, or a visor.  A baseball hat should be fine but I like my giant sun hat, too.

Sunglasses – This is a must no matter where you are.

Light Jacket – Because you just never know.  Weather can change quickly depending on where you are, time of day, and season.  I usually use my rain jacket for this.

Headlamp – I tend to carry my headlamp around all the time when we’re hiking, just in case. 


How long do you need for the Moqui Caverns?

Not very long. They’re right on the side of the road, so I would say maybe 30-45 minutes at most? There is the short walk up to them but they really are a quick stop. They’re a fun thing to see if you are visiting from Page and exploring Kanab a bit.


Are the Moqui Caverns in Kanab worth seeing?

I think so. No, they aren’t the coolest thing ever, but they are still interesting and I’m glad we stopped at them! They’re a super quick stop on your way in or out of Kanab from Zion, so it’s not like you’re taking away a whole day or even half a day of prime hiking time. It’s a quick, fun thing to do in Kanab on a weekend trip or just passing through.

It’s not somewhere I’m dying to go back to, but if I was with someone that wanted to see them and hadn’t yet, I’d go again. It’s a short enough walk that it’s worth it. I do think this would be a really fun stop for kids and families, just make sure to keep an eye on them with the steep walls here.


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Have you been to the Moqui Caverns? What did you think of them? Do you want to go?

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