I Started A Patreon!

I did it, I finally started a Patreon! I’ve wanted to do this for so long but it never really felt right and I could never decide what I would actually include as rewards.

Well, I finally got it all nailed down and figured now or never! I know it’s not really now or never but also this is the most confident I’ve felt about launching it I can always make it better as things go.

You can find all of the deets on the Patreon page but I’ll give a little briefing here, too. There are four tiers and they’re tree themed! The options are $5, $10, $15, $20.

$5 tier – Palm Pal

Here you’ll get all the fun updates. You’ll get big life updates first (like the one that I already posted!), voting power on future art projects, blog posts, and even hikes and adventures, early access to pictures from adventures (I don’t post in real-time on here but Patreon will be closer than the blog updates), behind the scenes photos and updates as I work on blog posts and art projects, a monthly update on everything going on, first dibs on any art for sale, general book recommendations, and sneak peeks are my regular non-Internet life.

$10 tier – Cypress Supporter

You’ll get everything above plus a personal book recommendation, a discount on art, and two shout outs in blog posts per month!

$15 tier – Bristlecone Buddy

You’ll get everything above, plus an additional personal book recommendation (two total, at once or one now one later), a slightly bigger discount on art, and a shout out in four blog posts per month!

$20 tier – Saguaro Amigo

You’ll get everything above plus a personalized postcard every month!

No matter which tier you join, you’ll get my eternal gratefulness for your support. And if you’re interested in joining but aren’t quite ready, you’ll be able to find the link here in this page, in my Instagram bio link, and in my blog sidebar.

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