Stud Horse Point: Easy Hiking And Great Views By Page, Arizona

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Here we have another adventure crossed of from my doing everything there is to do in Page list. I didn’t get to do every single thing but I did do a lot and Stud Horse Point is one of those things.

I want to start this off with this: if you look at images for Stud Horse Point on Google and see one where there is a guy standing by a rock with water right below, it’s fake.

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studhorse point utah

He won’t tell you it’s fake, but don’t go to Stud Horse Point expecting to see Lake Powell right at it’s edge. First off, Greenehaven would be under water. Second, like half of highway 89 would be underwater, too. And third, even at full pool, Lake Powell is nowhere near this level.

Yes, you can see Lake Powell from here, but it doesn’t and will never be at the base of this area. I just had to get that out of the way. This is a hiking area with no water.

studhorse point utah

Earlier in the day, we hiked out to Skylight Arch and came back to Stud Horse Point to do a little more hiking before heading home. We took the dirt roads to the top of the cliff and were hiking down instead of up.

Since there is no trail here, you just kind of have to find the best way down on your own but it’s pretty easy. From the little parking area, facing Lake Powell, we went down on the left in the really green part of the rock.

studhorse point utah

There is a nice alcove over here and you can look down into the start of a slot canyon from around here! I love looking down at slot canyons, they’re so cool.

From there, we sort of went around the the outside edge so the big butte at the front of the area was between us and the highway. There is like, a big bowl almost below this spot.

studhorse point utah
The green rock I mentioned

We just hung out on the edge here for a bit (not too on the edge, of course) watching some people hiking and biking below. There were a couple of people hiking from the road below into the formations down there.

There were also two people biking around the triangle area in the road then one hopped off and started trying to hike up closer to the level we were at. They got about halfway up then had to turn around.

studhorse point utah

There wasn’t really a good area to get up from right there so if you’re climbing up from the bottom, you may need to do more route finding or go around the left of the butte (looking at it from the bottom with your back to the highway.)

We headed up from our spot across from the butte after a while. Some spots were a little steep but it wasn’t anything too bad. I would have loved to come back and explore the area one more time before we left but we weren’t able to.

studhorse point utah

Even though we didn’t spend that long exploring the area, I really enjoyed what we did see and would definitely like to go back in the future.

I don’t know if I would say this is a must-do if you have limited time in this area as part of a Utah road trip but it is a great place to enjoy sunset without the crowds of a place like Horseshoe Bend. The sun also wouldn’t be blasting your eyes here.

And like Skylight Arch, since you can see it from here, it does have an incredible view. Maybe not the best view in Utah but it is very good.

studhorse point utah

What is Stud Horse Point?

Stud Horse Point is an area off the side of Highway 89 near Lone Rock at Lake Powell full of cool rock formations. The ground below and on top of the cliff isn’t too exciting but the area between that is ready for adventure.

Some areas are cooler than others and some are easier to get up and down than others. It’s a fun hiking area if you like exploring off-trail, plus it offers great views of Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain in the distance.

studhorse point utah
The alcove

Where is Stud Horse Point?

Studhorse point is just over the Arizona/Utah border, on the Utah side. It’s across from the Lone Rock turn off and there are a couple of ways to get here.

You can put it in Google Maps and take Highway 89 before turning off onto dirt roads to hike down from the top, or you can park around here and hike up. That links to the map of some corrals and if your car can’t make it down the road, you can park by the highway (safely, not on the highway, of course) and hike in but that might take a while.

You can also drive past the corrals on the map to an area right at the base of the Stud Horse rock formations. We went top down so I’m not sure how sandy this bottom road is.

studhorse point utah
View from the alcove

How long is the trail at Stud Horse Point?

There is not trail so it’s as long as you want it to be! We didn’t hike too much here, I would say no more than a mile, because we weren’t prepared for more. We didn’t plan to hike at all this day and already went to Skylight Arch so it was a quick visit.

studhorse point utah
Looking down into the beginning of the slot canyon

Is there a fee for Stud Horse Point?

It is technically in Glen Canyon, but there is no fee to hike here. If you plan to go to Lake Powell though, you’ll need to pay the $30 fee. This includes Lone Rock and Wahweap in this area.

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studhorse point utah

Is Stud Horse Point worth visiting?

Yes, if you like hiking without a trail and enjoy good views. It’s a great place to enjoy sunset and while we didn’t do that this time, knowing the view we had from our apartment, this would be even better. It’s a great hiking area to get away from nearby crowds on the Toadstool Trail or Wire Pass.

Stud Horse Point photo gallery

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Have you been to Stud Horse Point in Utah? What did you think of it? Do you want to go?

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