13 Best Views In Page, Arizona Not To Miss On Your Visit

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Next up in my stash of Page and Lake Powell posts are two that will help you find the best views of both, but first up is Page. There is some overlap of these but this one will include views that aren’t just of the lake.

Some of the views are in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and will require a park pass or $30 fee others aren’t technically in Page but are worth any extra driving.

All of these can be visited on your own but there another great way to get even better views in Page: a Horseshoe Bend and Tower Butte helicopter tour.

Any view of Lake Powell on here will probably look a little different than pictured here because the water levels are so much lower than even last year right now. The views here are still incredible though.

A lot of these views in Page can be visited in one day pretty easily. I don’t think you could do all of them but if you took out the Marble Canyon ones (Antelope Pass, Navajo Bridge) and Alstrom Point, I think you could see the rest as long as you don’t mind a lot of hiking and a long day.

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view from Hanging garden trail page arizona

National Park Goodies

Map of best views in Page, AZ

Here you can see all the stops for the best views in Page. A few require hiking, some require difficult driving, others are super easy to get to. No matter what, there will be a view for you. To see the map larger, click the little four corner rectangle in the top right.

Wahweap Overlook

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 11 minutes from Page, all paved road but the parking area is dirt

First up is Wahweap Overlook, a great view in Page that is extremely easy to get to. Just off of Highway 89 between the entrances to Wahweap is an inconspicuous turnoff. It took us months to finally drive up there and we were rewarded with this beautiful view!

From here you can see Wahweap Marina, Page, Castle Rock, Navajo Mountain and the Vermillion Cliffs/Paria Plateau behind you. This would be a great area to enjoy a picnic lunch, sunrise, or sunset. It’s pretty much a 365 degree view because it’s a little elevated.

This is a nice easy stop and you don’t need too much time here. It can be enjoyed in 5-15 minutes, depending on how long you want to just hang out.

Wahweap View

Cost: $30 (or national park pass)

Hiking or driving required: 10 minutes from Page, all paved

For a similar but slightly different to the view above is the Wahweap Viewpoint. If you have a national park pass or are going to Wahweap for something already, this is a good stop. I wouldn’t pay the fee just for this unless you’re planning on visiting other national park sites.

If you enter Glen Canyon toward Wahweap at the entrance closest to Page and the Glen Canyon Dam, this will be one of the view areas right along the main drive. It’s marked and is a great place for a picnic lunch with a view.

This is another quick stop but it’s a great place to admire the lake. Similar to above, here you can see Lake Powell, Wahweap Marina, Navajo Mountain, and Castle Rock. It’s not a 365 degree view but it’s still beautiful.

Skylight Arch + Stud Horse Point

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 30-40 minutes from Page, some paved, a lot of dirt that may require high-clearance after Stud Horse Point, 2 miles round-trip hiking to Skylight Arch

Skylight Arch and Stud Horse Point are both technically in Glen Canyon, too, but they don’t require a fee to get to. They do, however, require some high-clearance driving or a little extra hiking.

Skylight Arch is a two-mile round-trip hike but it’s easy. If you can’t get all the way to the trailhead, some cars can make it all but the last mile, you may have to hike a little further.

The view from here is pretty close to 365 degrees, depending on where you are along the trail. At the actual arch, you can see Lake Powell, Page, Greenehaven, Navajo Mountain, Big Water, Lone Rock, and Castle Rock. In some spots you can see the Vermillion cliffs behind you and Amangiri on your left (on the hike to the arch).

There is no hiking required to enjoy the view from Stud Horse Point but it’s a great place to do some exploring among the rock formations. It’s one of the best places to enjoy sunset in the area, too.

Stud Horse Point is a little lower so you can’t see anything to the left like Big Water or Amangiri. The Vermillion Cliffs are also not visible from here but they are from the drive in.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe bend hike page arizona

Cost: $10

Hiking or driving required: 10 minutes from Page, 1.3 miles round-trip hike to the view of Horseshoe Bend

Would this post even count if it didn’t include Horseshoe Bend? Or as I like to call it, Horse Bend. (Someone wanted a private tour last summer and made a note on the form how far to Horse Bend? and I love that.)

Horseshoe Bend may even be the reason you came to Page in the first place, or maybe Antelope Canyon, and if it’s not why you’re there, you should definitely still go. Early morning or mid-day is best because the sun is right in your eyes at sunset from here.

This is a pretty easy 1.3 mile round-trip hike from the parking to the view. And this is a view you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want to see it from another perspective, consider a Horseshoe Bend and Tower Butte helicopter tour.

Alstrom Point

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 1.5 hours from Page, some paved, mostly dirt with 4WD/high-clearance required, 2-4 miles round-trip hiking from the first slick rock area

Enjoying the view at Alstrom Point is going to require either a little effort or a tour to get to. If you don’t have a high-clearance/4WD vehicle, you’ll either want to join a tour or give this a pass.

Assuming you have the proper vehicle, this is definitely one of the best views in Page. Alstrom Point is further up the lake than anything else on this list and if you have time and the right vehicle, you can drive even further up lake.

We couldn’t drive past the first slick rock area but the hike from there isn’t bad. It was about two miles to the end but we just walked along the edge a bit, not all the way to the end but it’s still beautiful.

From here, you can see Navajo Mountain and Lake Powell, but it’s entirely different than any previously mentioned views of Lake Powell. This is another great place to enjoy sunset.

Glen Canyon Dam

glen canyon dam page arizona lake powell

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 5 minutes from Page, all paved, minimal walking for views from the bridge

Next up we have the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge. You could stop here and do the Hanging Garden Trail easily at the same time. While you’re here, you could stop at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, too.

You can either park at the visitor center on one end or the dirt parking area on the other and take a short walk onto the bridge. On one side you can see the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, on the other you can see the Colorado River hundreds of feet below.

New Wave Trail

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 10 minutes from Page, all paved, but dirt parking area, no special car needed

Here we have the Rock Lane Trail/New Wave Trail, a fun trail right outside of town with surprisingly nice views! You can see Lake Powell from here, but just barely at this point.

This is a 1.9 mile loop right off of Highway 89 across from the Glen Canyon Park entrance near the Dam. This is a great hike to get away from the crowds at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.

The hike takes you around a giant rock formation with varying views along the way. Like many of the other views in Page, you can see Lake Powell, Navajo Mountain, and the Vermillion Cliffs. I really enjoyed this hike.

Grand View Overlook

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 4 minutes from Page, minimal walking to the views

This little view in Page is tucked away in a residential area. There is a little covered area with some information signs and you can walk out a bit to enjoy the view!

From here you can see Wahweap Marina to the left, Antelope Point Marina to the right, and Lake Powell all in front of you. How much of the lake you can see of course depends on the level.

If you want to hike, the Page Rim Trail can be accessed from here or nearby. The section from Indigo Ridge to the lake is one I would like to. do. I don’t think you can go to the water but the view would still be great. This is a nice quiet place to enjoy view.

Navajo Bridge

colorado river lees ferry glen canyon
One of my personal favorite views in Page

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 41 minutes from Page, all paved, minimal walking from parking to the bridge

This is the furthest from Page and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include it but I think it’s really great so I did. And the best part is, it can be different on every visit. The first time I saw it, the river was nowhere near this muddy but I almost love it more this way.

This is also a great place to look for California Condors! They can be seen around here pretty frequently. If you make the trek out here, stop at the visitor center nearby and pop into Lees Ferry since it’s not much further. If you’re here in the fall, definitely go to Lees Ferry to pick fruit in the orchard!

If you’re going to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, this can easily be seen on the way there so you don’t have to make the trip from Page just for the view. It is a great view and worth the drive though.

Antelope Pass Vista

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 23 minutes from Page, all paved, no hiking

This view can be seen on your way to Navajo Bridge and/or the North Rim as well. This is just a pull off on Highway 89 and doesn’t take much time. You could stop here on your way to or from Flagstaff also.

This is a big parking area where Navajo artists set up shop to sell their goods. It’s a great view but it’s probably the best earlier in the day because when the sun is setting, it will just be blasting in your eyes. This is an easy stop and a great view of Marble Canyon, the Vermillion Cliffs, and the Kaibab Plateau in the distance.

Lone Rock Beach

Cost: $30 (or national park pass)

Hiking or driving required: 18 minutes from Page, no special car needed unless you’re driving further out on the beach, do so with caution in any vehicle, any amount of walking you’d like, more if you don’t have 4WD.

Lone Rock Beach is a great camping option and is on Lake Powell but as of May 2022, there is no water here. You can actually walk out to Lone Rock now, so it may not be as exciting of a view as usual but it’s still a fun spot to visit.

If you do come out here, be careful driving on the beach because a lot of people get stuck out here. If you manage to go out far enough, it could be super muddy. There are usually plenty of trucks around helping people get unstuck but if you’re confident in your vehicle or driving in sand, park in the parking are and just walk around.

From here you can see Lake Powell (depending on water levels), Navajo Mountain, and Castle Rock. I haven’t been here since the water was so low, so i can’t speak for current conditions or how the view still is. If you’ve been recently, let me know how it is in the comments!

Buck Tank Draw and Birthday Arch

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 22 minutes from Page, all paved, 4-5 miles of hiking to Birthday Arch and the pictured view

The view from Buck Tank Draw and Birthday Arch may not be as grand and sweeping as some of the others on this list but it’s still beautiful and perfect if you want a view with solitude.

The hike here is fairly easy but it is in a wash and mostly somewhat deep sand so that makes it a little harder. There is also some minor rock scrambling but nothing too tough.

The best view here is at the end, near Birthday Arch, because you’re up higher than you would be in the wash. You get views back out of the canyon(?) you came from looking at the gray cliffs behind Big Water. There is no shade on this hike, really, but it’s a very peaceful hike.

Hanging Garden Trail

Cost: Free!

Hiking or driving required: 5 minutes from Page, all paved, 1.2 miles hiking round-trip

Finally, the Hanging Garden Trail. This is a great easy hike practically in Page that takes you to a natural hanging garden. The trail is all sun but the hanging garden area is a little cooler.

There is a side trail that you can take to climb up one of the rock hills for an even better view. Along the trail, closer to the fork, you can see Navajo Mountain, Tower Butte, Castle Rock, and Lake Powell.

It’s not my favorite trail ever but it’s easy, just 1.2 miles round-trip, and does offer a great view in Page. It’s somewhat popular but not as popular as Horseshoe Bend. You could easily do this hike, see the Glen Canyon Bridge view, the two Wahweap views, and the New Wave Trail in one day.

Have you seen any of these Page views? What is your favorite view in Page? Which of these do you want to see?

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