Hike To Falling Creek Falls, One Of Florida’s Natural Waterfalls

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I already had Falling Creek Falls on my Florida bucket list but last year after seeing that Falling Creek Falls had more water than usual, we decided it was time to see it.

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One afternoon in the spring we wanted something to do and decided since it’s only an hour, we might as well make the trek to Falling Creek Falls near Lake City.

There were a few other people there when we got there that looked like they were going swimming. I don’t know where they were doing that though because I didn’t see where you could here.

The boardwalk portion of the Falling Creek Falls trail

The trail is both packed dirt and boardwalk and is a loop but you don’t have to do the loop part if you don’t want.

From the parking area, just head straight onto the boardwalk and that will take you right to the waterfall, one of the few waterfalls in Florida.

Literally obsessed with this leaf

It’s a pretty typical trail through the Florida woods on a boardwalk (you know I love a good boardwalk). It’s not particularly exciting but I did enjoy it.

Before you know it you’ll be at the waterfall! There are a couple of different viewing areas, one right in line with the falls and one past it a bit so you’re looking back at it.

One cool thing about Falling Creek Falls is the color of the water! It’s a dark amber root beer color because of the tannins from tree roots in the water.

We spent a bit enjoying the view and sounds of the rushing water before continuing on through the rest of the loop.

The view from the first lookout area

You head back the way you initially came before coming to a fork where a dirt path splits off from the boardwalk on your left (coming from the falls).

The rest of the trail is even quieter taking you through the woods before depositing you back into the parking lot on the other side of the playground.

Root beer float anyone? (Fun fact about me, I do not enjoy root beer floats)

While this isn’t like, the top trail in Florida or anything like that, it is a great, enjoyable hike for everyone.

Plus, you get to see a natural waterfall in Florida which there aren’t all that many of.

We got lucky and were able to see it when the water levels were higher so there was more water flowing over the waterfall.

A slightly zoomed in view from the further viewing area

It won’t always look like exactly that though. It usually has a bit less water flowing I think. I’ll report back if I go again.

Overall, I definitely think this is a hike worth doing if you’re passing through and want to stretch your legs or if you want to combine it with Big Shoals State Park for a Gainesville or Jacksonville day trip.

How tall is Falling Creek Falls?

If you’re expecting a towering waterfall like you might find in Washington or North Carolina, you may be a bit disappointed.

So go into the hike without those expectations. While it’s not the tallest waterfall in Florida, it is about 12 feet high.

Not massive but still fun to see especially since it’s an easy hike not too far off the Interstate.

Where is Falling Creek Falls?

Falling Creek Falls is about 10 minutes from Lake City, Florida and about a mile from I-10.

It’s about an hour north of Gainesville and an hour west of Jacksonville making it a great day trip from either, especially if you add in other activities nearby, like Big Shoals State Park.

How long is the hike to Falling Creek Falls?

The Falling Creek Falls Trail is just 0.5 miles round-trip, and it’s a loop trail with a small off-shoot to the actual falls, kind of like a lollipop.

Is the Falling Creek Falls trail hard?

Nope! Like most Florida hiking trails, it’s pretty flat. It has a whopping 13 feet of elevation gain.

Part of it is a boardwalk section but most of it is just a dirt path through the woods.

It’s also very shaded because it is in the woods, though it can still be very hot, humid, and buggy in the summer.

Is the Falling Creek Falls hike worth it?

I would say yes, the hike to Falling Creek Falls is worth it. It’s a great easy hike, it’s easy to get to, it’s not very long, and you get to see a waterfall in Florida that’s more than a trickle.

Falling creek falls
A view of Falling Creek along the trail

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Have you hiked to Falling Creek Falls? What did you think of it? Do you want to go?

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