Today, we are going to have a typical Slovenian meal

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This was something we heard almost every day, and it was followed by the same meal, or a general variation of it, every time.  I mentioned on my 10 things I learned in Slovenia list, number one actually, that I don’t like pork and potatoes that much.  While I don’t like them that much, I do still enjoy them, on occasion, not for every meal.  And that’s my rant for the day.

A typical Slovenian meal, as I learned, has a few components.  This can be anywhere from three to six different parts, courses I suppose.  First, you get bread, no butter, just bread.  Then a beverage.  Water is usually at the table, but wine is usually suggested and always a good choice.  Their wine is fantastic.


Those are my three beverages, with one more at that meal.  Three wine, one water.  You get used to more wine than water.  We also participated in a lot of wine tastings – see top photo – which were also awesome.

After the bread, sometimes there would be a salad which consisted of lettuce, kidney beans, some white cabbage-y – sprout-y things, and vinegar and oil dressing.  I enjoyed the salads.  I think I enjoy salads more than the average person.  Following salad would be soup.


This was a pumpkin soup and it was delicious.  I could have gone for this more often.  Unfortunately, we only had this once.  The soup was usually a minestrone or barley soup full of vegetables, beans, and grains.  I don’t eat a lot of soup, but it was all very good.  Very filling, and always followed by pork with some form of potatoes, usually lumpy mashed but fell under various names.


This was a rare meal with two types of meat, both delicious though, especially the plum sauce on the pork.  To the top right, you will see the typical style of serving potatoes.  After the main course of meat and potatoes, occasionally served with vegetables, came dessert, almost always strudel.  Good thing that’s delicious too!


We made this raspberry dessert thing on one of the last days and it was delicious.  I don’t know what it was or what was in it, but it was flaky and delicious.

So, this is a typical Slovenian meal.  A lot of food, so you better come hungry and set aside at least an hour, if not two, to eat.  The courses are spread out, which makes it a little easier to eat this much food.

A Typical Slovenian Meal (1)A Typical Slovenian Meal

Do you like pork?  What is your favorite Slovenian food?

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