Hiking to New Zealand’s Fox Glacier

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If you’ve never been to, or seen, a glacier, you might want to get on that.  I mean, its a huge (read: gigantic) piece of ice in the side of a mountain.  And mountains are already majestic.  Just imagine one with a glacier thrown on the side of it.  Ok, maybe “thrown onto the side” isn’t the best description.  Tucked nicely onto the majestic mountainside.  That’s better.

Fox Glacier is on the South Island of New Zealand, which has quite a few glaciers, actually.  You can usually go hiking on or in the glacier, which you can at fox glacier, but we, unfortunately, didn’t get to do that.  We just walked up to it, as close as the trail went, at least.  It was still extremely impressive to stand in front of a glacier and see the dots of people spotting the surface.  However, it’s on my list of things to do again and actually hike on it next time.

_MG_2813 (2)

_MG_2817 (2)

_MG_2833 (2)


_MG_2836 (2)

_MG_2837 (2)


_MG_2854 (2)

_MG_2862 (2)


The whole trail to get up to the glacier used to actually be the glacier, but over the (lots) of years, it has been melting away.  Pardon all the pictures of the rocks.  They’re just so photogenic in New Zealand, and I was there for a nature and landscape photography class.  I can’t imagine a better place to go for a class like that though!

Have you seen any glaciers up close and personal?  Was it as super cool as I imagine it to be?

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