If you’re with me outside, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be looking at the sky.  I’ll probably make you stop if I see something interesting, because let’s be real, it’s impossible to walk and look up at the same time.  The sky is just cool.  That’s the best word I can even come up with while still avoiding being cheesy and cliche with a majestic, beautiful, or mesmerizing sky.

It’s just cool.  It’s got stars.  There are rainbows, clouds, and sun.  Not to forget weather!  That is what really makes it exciting, but chances are I’m already inside at that point, but I can still watch from there.  I was never good at seeing things in clouds, like dogs or unicorns, but I have gotten better at that.

In all of these pictures, the sky appealed to me in one way or another, the physical appearance ,or just a memory.  It can say a lot about a day, but mostly just a moment in time.


Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

This was about thirty seconds before a storm broke out and rain poured down on the tin roof of our little beach hut.


Big Corn Island, Nicaragua

A brief moment where the sun was able to shine


San Ignacio, Belize

Another sunny day in San Ignacio, right after a day in a dark cave


San Pedro, Guatemala

A lovely sunset from the water taxi returning from the Panajachel markets


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I had the shuttle to myself from San Pedro back to Antigua and couldn’t help myself.  I did what I hate and took pictures from the window while we were moving.  This was a hard view to pass up.


Monteverde, Costa Rica

My first night in Monteverde I went on a night tour and was greeted by a rainbow about the rainforest.


Monteverde, Costa Rica

The rainbow was exchanged for a sunset worth remembering

What is your favorite part of being outside?  Are you a sky lover too?  Which is your favorite picture?