48 Hours on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua

I arrived on Ometepe on my own, but quickly befriended some Australians at my hotel.  I didn’t find Ometepe to be the best place to be alone since everything is so spread out.  It’s a good place for company.  The first full day I had was spent laying around the hotel lobby because it was too darn hot to really go do anything.  I eventually went to get lunch and wander a bit, but Moyogalpa is pretty small and I covered most of it pretty quickly.


Later that day I met up with someone I already knew there and since it was such a long and tiring day (kidding!) I went to bed pretty early.  We had a big next day with plans of renting an ATV to drive around the island.  We set out early(ish) the next morning for a day of exploring.


We ended up running into three other girls he met on the ferry and we all went to El Ojo de Agua together for some cooling down in the spring water.  After that, we all got lunch and then parted ways as their mopeds wouldn’t let them completely circle the island.  The roads were pretty rough at certain points, but hey, that’s half of the adventure!


As the day came to an end and we approached Moyogalpa again, we stopped.  This wasn’t by choice, by the way.  Our ATV just died.  Thankfully we were able to call the rental place and they came to look at it, which took quite a while just to relay where we were to them in what little Spanish we knew.  Note to self: learn Spanish.


Since we were so close to the end, we just walked back.  It was a nice break from the rough roads earlier.  The sun was starting to set, so we even had a bit of a nicer view for the walk.  To conclude our adventurous day, we had a delicious pizza and another early night before we left even earlier for San Juan Del Sur again the next morning.


Overall, Ometepe wasn’t my favorite place, but I am glad I went.  Would I go back?  Maybe.  Probably, but next time with a better idea of what I wanted to do there.  It helps to know how far apart things actually are, which is farther than they seem.  It’s definitely not a small island., but it is somewhere I would recommend if you happen to be in Nicaragua.

Have you been to Ometepe?  What did you do there?  Did you like it?  

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2 thoughts on “48 Hours on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua

  1. This looks like an interesting destination and it’s certainly one I’m considering for 2018. I wonder how it is to get around on public transport since I do speak Spanish. Having read the article, I’m going to mull it over.

    1. I think there are buses, but I don’t think they are very frequent. Most people I encountered rented scooters to get around. It’s definitely a cool island. If I went back I’d try to get a better idea of what there was to do there. I had no idea and felt a little lost at times, but like I said, it is really pretty!

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