Straight Up Land in Zion National Park

The other day, I realized in my posts about the road trip, in order, I forgot about Zion.  Oops!  I’m not even sure how I forgot about it.  It was the third National Park we visited out of five.  It wasn’t my favorite.  You already know Arches was probably my favorite with Bryce Canyon at a close second.

I didn’t not like it as much as the Grand Canyon, which I didn’t hate, but just didn’t jive with that well.  I guess it was just alright too.  Yes, it was very pretty.  Yes, I enjoyed it.  Yes, I would go back.


I think part of the problem was not being properly prepared going into it.  Our planning started the night before we went.  That could have been avoided.  We wanted to do different hikes, but agreed on two different ones to do together.  It was still enjoyable and we got to see all the adorable squirrels.  Stay tuned for those.

Since it was peak season, we couldn’t drive through the park, we had to use the hop on hop off bus system, which actually worked out pretty well.  The buses were frequent and never too full.  They made stops at each trail start, too.  It was also a nice break from driving ourselves.



The first hike was to the lower, middle, and upper emerald pools.  This was a bit harder than I expected, but I’ve probably mentioned it before, I’m not in the best shape.  And if I haven’t, I’m not in the best shape.  Not horribly unfit, but hiking up is not something I’m used to.  The first two pools were pretty brown.  Not really pretty and brown, but mostly brown.  Also very small.

The upper pool was pretty cool though.  It was surrounded by rocks and smallish boulders.  This one was emerald.  No quite the color I imagined, but it was still a lot better than the first two.  It made the hike worth it.  Plus the view on the way up was pretty fantastic.



Our next trail was the riverside trail.  I don’t remember the exact name, but it’s close to this because, believe it or not, its right next to the river!  It leads to the entrance to the Narrows, a trail that is mostly in water, which meant it was not for me.  Have I mentioned I don’t like water activities that much?  If not, I don’t like water activities that much!  We’re learning so much about me today!  Danny walked down a bit while I took some pictures and bonded with another lady that doesn’t like water stuff, I’m not the only one!

This trail was full of the tiny squirrels.  Look at them!  They’re ADORABLE!  That’s a scientific fact, not even opinion based.  (Maybe!)  It should be anyways.  They were certainly not as afraid of us as we were of them.  This one almost lunged at me.



Have you been to Zion?  What did you think of it?  Which hikes did you do?

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