Bluefields to Big Corn

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When I first decided to go to the Corn Islands, I was pretty excited for the journey there.  It was supposed to be a crazy adventure of a night bus into the terrifying little town where the panga leaves from followed by a just as terrifying night in Bluefields.  Rumor had it white lobster washed up all the time.  I didn’t get to see any though.  Darn.

Not only would all of this be scary, but then I faced a six-hour vomit inducing boat ride before finally arriving on Big Corn Island, not even the final destination.  Boy, was I nervous.


I’ve already talked about how to get there in more detail, so I’ll spare you.  But, spoiler alert, it wasn’t scary at all and I didn’t even feel like I was going to throw up on the boat once.  What a let down.

The adventure I was looking for must have been reserved for someone else, but it was enjoyable at least.  Either way, I’m glad I went that way, and I would even go there by land again.


Helpful things:

  • I would get to Bluefields the day before you need to get the ferry to Big Corn.  Actually, you have to since the ferry leave so early.
  • On the Rio Escondido, at least when I went, we got on, got seats, then had to get off to give someone our tickets. We took our stuff because we had no idea what was happening, and thankfully got our seats back, but be prepared, that may not happen.
  • Take Dramamine.  I took two before we left, but wish I took one, then another on the way.  It wasn’t super rough, it can be, but there were a lot of big waves.
  • Bring lots of music and reading material if you can read on boats.
  • Wear sunscreen, especially if you sit outside.

Have you been to the Corn Islands?  Did you go by land?  Was it as adventurous as everyone made it sound?  


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