Lost in Ljubljana

So, this might be a little misleading because I didn’t really get lost there.  Sort of.  I managed to make my way from a museum into the main square WITH a map.  Whaaaat!? Yeah, be impressed.  It was really just one street the whole way, but I picked the right one the first try, so that’s a step in the right direction!

I did manage to wander around for hours though and only got a little lost at the very end of the day when I wasn’t alone anymore.

I loved Ljubljana in the few hours I was there.  It was perfect for just wandering around and looking in little shops.  I saw the same things quite a few times that day, but I still enjoyed it even though it was rainy all day and my feet were probably a little frozen.


Have you been to Ljubljana?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?  Which picture is your favorite? 

4 thoughts on “Lost in Ljubljana

  1. My favourite pic of yours is the one of the love locks with the bridge in the background. I fell in love with LJ too. I was there for 3 nights one June a few years ago. The best things about it for me were the fact it was not as packed as a lot of Euro cities, and the outdoor cafe/bar culture. We loved the local wine at a bar overlooking the river (can’t remember the name, but it meant ‘cat’ in Slovenian). Definitely try and go again for longer when it’s warmer and drier!

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