My Favorite Beaches Around the World (So Far)

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I love beaches.  The less crowded, the better, of course, but I really do love beaches.  I wouldn’t say I’ve been to tons of the, but I’ve been to my fair share around the world so far and these are my favorites.  This is also the perfect way to take my mind off the freezing cold outside, along with these wonderful beach quotes!

Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines

I loved Malapascua.  The beaches aren’t very busy and if you walk around the island at all, you’re likely to have a lot more room to yourself.  The beach by the lighthouse is ideal for watching the sunset.  Wear sunscreen though, I got a horrible sunburn here.

How to get there

Fly from Manila to Mactan, then take a taxi to the north bus terminal in Cebu City.  Get a bus to Maya Port, which is super easy.  About 30 people will ask if you want to go to Maya.  The AC bus isn’t necessary in my opinion.  The breeze was nice.  Then, in Maya, take a boat to Malapascua.  I’m not a hundred percent sure what the price should be, but they can be a little tricky with this.  Then, on the island, walk or take a scooter to your accommodation, which I would probably book at least the first night ahead.

I would try and leave Cebu City early, if you get in late, spend the night there.  You don’t want to get stuck in Maya if you can help it.  There isn’t much of anything at all there.

Boca del Drago, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Boca del Drago wasn’t a huge beach, but the whole area around it, connecting it to Playa Estrella is really pretty.  Both beaches are wonderful and Estrella is where a lot of the food is.  We biked there from Bocas Town.  It’s not busy, which makes it even better.  The water is super calm so it would be perfect for paddle boarding or kayaking, but I’m not sure if you can rent them there.

How to get there

I went from Puerto Viejo, so that’s how I’ll explain it.  Take a bus or shuttle from Puerto Viejo (or I’m sure most places in Panama).  I took a shuttle so everything was paid for to get us there.  It was super easy this way.  The shuttle took us to the border where we switched to another one (have proof that you’re leaving the country for this).  The shuttle took us to where the boats leave from and we got on a boat to take us to Bocas Town.  From there rent a bike or take a bus across the island to the beach.

The Bottoms, Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA

The bottoms isn’t a super pretty beach.  It kind of hurts to walk on barefoot.  But I still love it.  We would go there in college to hang out in the summer or when it was warm enough the rest of the year.  I won’t give directions to this, but if you happen to be in the area, it’s the Downsville Bottoms and worth a visit.

Sugar Beach, Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

Sugar Beach is the main beach on Bantayan.  It doesn’t have a whole lot else to offer beach wise, but this one is totally worth the trip all on it’s own.  It’s probably the least busy of everywhere on this list and it’s just fantastic.

How to get there

From Manila, or whatever airports go to Cebu, fly into Mactan.  Get a taxi to the North bus terminal and basically go to Maya.  All the buses stop at the Bogo as well, but I would ask the driver just to make sure before getting on.  From there, take another bus to Hagnaya Port.  Follow the people getting off to the ticket station and get a ticket for the ferry to  Bantayan.  Once you get there, take a scooter or tricycle into town, it’s a little far to walk with all your stuff.  And that’s it!  Grab a mango juice and relax.

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

This is my most favorite island ever.  I absolutely LOVED it and dream of going back on a regular basis.  The beach is almost blindingly white and not very busy at all.  It can be a little seaweedy in places, but whatevs.  It’s still my favorite place ever.

How to get there

I’m going to keep this simple here and say fly. You can go by land, but there’s a lot of options and you have to time it right.  It’s fun to go by land, but for now I say fly.  Wherever you are, get to Managua, the only place to fly from.   You’ll get to Big Corn (try and do this early, or spend a night on Big Corn).  Take a panga over to Little corn then wander around to find somewhere to stay.  The side you land on has more hotel rooms and the beach side as I call it has little bungalows all over.  I’d recommend the beach side.  I would also try and take the morning Panga over or it could be tough to find somewhere to stay.

Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

Port Barton is a sleepy little town on Palawan with the perfect beach for relaxing.  It’s not a huge beach, but it is really pretty.  The water is perfect and calm and you’ll have plenty of space to yourself.

How to get there

From wherever you are, get to Puerto Princesa and simply take a shuttle to Port Barton.  It’s popular enough that it’s easy to get to, but it’s kind of expensive, in terms of the Philippines.  If you’re going from El Nido, you pretty much do the same thing.  Super easy.

Taitung, Taiwan

Last but not least, Taitung in Taiwan.  This wasn’t a hang out and relax beach when I was there.  It was pretty chilly being January, but it was still really pretty the second day I went there when it was sunny.

How to get there

Take a train from Taipei or Hualien.  It’s pretty easy.  From there, take a taxi into the main city area to wherever you’re staying then it’s easy enough to walk to the beach.  It’s probably quite enjoyable in the summer.

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Have you been to any of these?  Which ones?  What did you think of them?  Do you want to go?  What is your favorite beach?

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