The Cunningham Cabin Stroll

Yes, the hike to Cunningham Cabin is actually more of a stroll.  The only way I would call it a hike is if you had to park in the lot closer to the road than the one by the cabin.  Even then, it’s paved road and more of a stroll.  Either way, whatever you call it, it’s nice.


The cabin was built in 1888 and is one of the few remaining in that style today.  It’s in Grand Teton National Park and has a wonderful view of the Tetons.  This is an easy walk to squeeze in between longer hikes on the lakes.

From the parking area it’s just a short walk over some grass and a little bridge before reaching the cabin, which is in sight the whole time.  Even if you only have one day in the park, this is a nice, short walk and will give you a taste of the home style if you can’t make it to the barns on Mormon Row.


I can imagine it gets busy here in the summer so early morning or later evening might be the best times to go to avoid crowds.  Sunset is really awesome here and I would highly recommend starting your day out here nice and early.  I’m sure sunset is also super nice, but I preferred sunrise here all winter.  They seemed to be much prettier, not that it’s really ever not pretty in the Tetons.

Have you been to Cunningham Cabin?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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