40 Photos That Will Have You Dreaming Of Japan

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Every now and then I go back through old trip pictures and find some that I love but never did anything with.  I’ve recently done it with Slovenia and Taiwan and I’ve slowly been going through Central America, too, but those aren’t up yet.  It’s Japan’s turn now and some of these you may have already seen, others not.

I realized it’s been almost two whole years since I left the country and that’s just crazy.  That’s the longest I’ve been in the US since I went to New Zealand I think and lately I’ve been trying to find any way to make a little extra money to save for another big trip.  It’s not going great so far, but I’ve read a lot about a few exciting places.  And Japan is one of the places I really want to go back to.  I probably won’t for my next trip, but there’s so much there I still want to do.

Here are a few things:

  • Go to the robot restaurant
  • See Mount Fuji
  • Visit Aokigahara
  • Do more temple-hopping in Kyoto
  • Eat everything in Osaka
  • See everything in Osaka
  • Swim with the snow monkeys
  • Go that island with all the foxes
  • Get up early to see Tsukiji Market
  • Eat way more Tempura
  • Explore a lot more of Tokyo
  • Actually buy something at Uniqlo
  • Go to Harajuku on the weekend
  • Spend more time in Arashiyama
  • Figure out how to play Pachinko
  • Eat way more Ramen
  • See a lot more small towns and other cities

And that’s probably not even everything.  I spent a lot of time drinking coffee and wandering around Shibuya, but I wish I would have done a little more.  It may not be a haven for low budget backpackers, but it’s still 100% worth a visit.  I averaged around $88 per day including train tickets and everything.  I’ll do a whole post on this too I think.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos and start planning your trip!


Have you been to Japan?  What was your favorite thing you did there?   Do you want to go?

40 photos that will have you freaming of Japan1 (1)40 photos that will have you freaming of Japan1

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