24 Photos That Will Make You Want To Plan A Trip To Germany

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I don’t talk about it all that much on here because I’ve never had the motivation to go back to find good pictures from my trip.  It was also eight years ago, so it’s not super fresh in my brain.  I finally decided to take on this task and share some pictures from my first trip abroad.

It was two weeks in Germany and I went with my German class.  We went to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Munich, and Dachau. I stayed with a family for five or six days in Bodnegg outside of Ravensburg.  They didn’t have a TV and it was actually kind of exciting not having one.  I actually started reading there.

We took a couple trips to Ravensburg and one to Ulm.  We climbed the tallest church there with a whopping 768 steps and they were all spiral.  I didn’t know what it was like to be drunk then, but I imagined it was like walking straight after all those steps.

I saw the naked alien in Munich.  I ate my first donner kebab.  I ate my weight in Nimm 2 candy.  I spent a day in the alps with perfect weather.  I learned to explore all areas of a town, not just one direction of it.  I went to the Christmas store in Rothenburg like, four times and saw something new each time.  I walked around the city on the wall.  I found out I love spaetzle. And I also found out sheep’s cheese is delicious.

I had a lot of fun that trip and the more I read about Germany, the more I want to go back.  I keep seeing pictures from Helene In Between, who lives in Heidelberg, and it makes me want to go back so bad.  I’d like to do a few more posts on my time in Germany, but I’m not 100% sure what specifically.  Is there anything specific you’d like to read about?


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Have you been to Germany?  Where did you go?  What would you like to read about my time there?

24 photos that will make you want to plan a trip to Germany (1)24 photos that will make you want to plan a trip to Germany

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