Germany 8 Years Later

Aufwachen kinder!  Wir sind in die Alpen! 

As you know, Germany was my first trip abroad.  I went with my German class my senior year of high school for two weeks.  I stayed with a family for five days I think, maybe six, and we traveled around Bavaria the rest of the time.  We went to Munich, Rothenberg, Garmisch, and Ravensburg.

I learned a few things while I was there, like try all the candy, and was a little more prepared for future trips abroad.  I sort of knew what to expect, but didn’t at the same time.  I decided to share some thoughts on my first trip, eight years later.

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24 Photos That Will Make You Want To Plan A Trip To Germany

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I don’t talk about it all that much on here because I’ve never had the motivation to go back to find good pictures from my trip.  It was also eight years ago, so it’s not super fresh in my brain.  I finally decided to take on this task and share some pictures from my first trip abroad.

It was two weeks in Germany and I went with my German class.  We went to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Munich, and Dachau. I stayed with a family for five or six days in Bodnegg outside of Ravensburg.  They didn’t have a TV and it was actually kind of exciting not having one.  I actually started reading there.

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