Food of Taiwan’s Night Markets

Food.  That’s really why people go to the night markets.  Blanket statement?  Maybe.  It’s at least the reason I went to them.  What better place to try six different kinds of food in a couple hours?  Don’t think you’ll find something you like?  I bet you will.  They have everything.  And they make for great places to take pictures.  That’s where I got some of my favorites from my trip.V2_IMG_7507V2_IMG_7597

Everything is cheap.  Usually under 100 TWD.  I would go in armed with small money.  It’s a good place to get rid of change.  It just makes paying easier because it’s usually fairly busy.  I don’t think I saw one night market that wasn’t.  After I went to the first couple I thought “Oh, I won’t go to many more.”  Ha.  Good one, me.


They have everything there.  Stinky tofu, fried squid, fried chicken, sugar covered apple and pears, potatoes with all the toppings, all the seafood you can imagine, oyster soup, oyster omelettes, steamed pork buns, dumplings, and who knows what else.  Literally everything.  And that’s just the food.


Even if you’re not hungry, go.  Wander around.  Enjoy the atmosphere.  Maybe end up eating everything anyways.  I don’t know how many times I went and said I wasn’t hungry and ended up eating at least one thing.  Food is a huge part of Taiwan’s culture and even if Asian food isn’t your favorite (totally not me, ok maybe) it’s still really fun to try it all, even if you have absolutely no idea what it is.


Helpful things:

  • Go in hungry, there’s too much to try, but try all of it.
  • Bring your small change.  These are the perfect place to spend it.  Most things are 30-70NTD.
  • Go to as many as possible.  They are all different and exciting to explore.
  • Try stinky tofu, oyster vermicelli, oyster omelette, large fried chicken, seafood, dumplings, fried squid, and everything else.

best-food must-try-food

Have you been to the night markets?  What is your favorite thing to eat there?  What is your favorite thing about them? 

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