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Yes, I hear you.  It’s been a year and a half since you went to Taiwan!  What’s with all the posts now?  Well, I’ve finally sat down to try and get some more helpful things about Taiwan out to you, like this Taiwan night market guide.

I’ve wanted to and now I finally am.  Keep an eye out for similar things on other places from who knows how long ago.

There are over 70 night markets in Taiwan making it a bit overwhelming to decide which to visit. I’ll be covering some of the more popular and well-known night markets in Taiwan in this guide.

A lot of them are similar, but some have specialties. Ask at your hostel or hotel to see which they recommend if you can’t decide.

I’m hoping this guide gives you some insight and assistance on which night markets to see while you’re there. 

On that note, let’s get going. I’ll start with night markets in Taipei and the surrounding area, then work clockwise around the country. 

You’ll be able to visit a lot of these if you have a week in Taiwan or more, and I encourage you to do just that.

Bolded foods are must-trys specifically at that market.

Best night markets in Taiwan short list:

  • Rahoe Night Market (Taipei)
  • Shilin Night Market (Taipei)
  • Fengjia Night Market (Taichung)
  • Liuhe Night Market (Kaohsiung)

Best night markets in Taipei

There are so many night markets in Taipei, it’s hard to narrow down which ones are the best. Next time I’m there I want to go to even more and try even more dishes!

Shilin Night Market – Shilin, Taipei

This is one of the largest, most well known night markets in Taiwan. It’s definitely one of the largest in Taipei and has soooo much to offer. It’s mostly food with some other goods as well.

I would leave at least two hours to walk around here, maybe more.   It gets pretty busy, but it’s worth fighting the crowds.

How To Get To Shilin Night Market

To get there, take the MRT to the Jiantan station, NOT the Shilin stop. You can get there from both, but it’s right across from the Jiantan stop.

It’s also on the way to the National Palace Museum. It also has a cafeteria area downstairs; don’t forget to check that out.

What To Try At Shilin Night Market:

  • Hot Star large fried chicken (it’s close to the front of the market)
  • Stinky tofu
  • Spring onion pancakes
  • Oyster omelette (the best place for these is in the downstairs cafeteria)
  • Oyster vermicelli
  • Bubble tea
  • Taiwanese sausage
  • Pan-fried dumplings
  • Pork Buns

Rahoe Street Night Market – Songshan, Taipei

This is one of the oldest and most popular night markets in Taiwan. It’s in the Songshan district. It’s 600 meters of market between Fuyuan Street and Ciyou Temple.   It has great food, other goods, and carnival games.

How To Get To Rahoe Street Night Market

To get there, take the MRT green line to Songshan and go out through exit 5. If you go out exit 1, it’s just around the corner.

What To Try At Rahoe Street Night Market:

  • Fried scallops
  • Grilled scallops
  • Black pepper pork buns
  • BBQ sausages
  • Stinky tofu
  • Sugarcane juice

Ningxia Night Market – Datong, Taipei

Ningxia only has food and is frequented by locals, which is rumored to mean it is more authentic. Tough to beat that, right?

It’s less busy on weeknights and it’s easy to eat your way down the street. It is on Ningxia road, between Nanjing West Road and Mingshen West Road.

How To Get To Ningxia Night Market

Take the MRT to the Shuanglian stop and take exit 2 then walk about 10 minutes west along Mingshen West Road. You can also take the MRT to the Zhongshan stop, take exit 1 and walk about 10 minutes west along Nanjing West Road.

What To Try At Ningxia Night Market:

  • BBQ squid on a stick
  • Grilled squid
  • Fried oyster balls
  • Fish rolls
  • BBQ stinky tofu
  • Duck head
  • Taiwanese sausage in a gluttonous rice sausage

Huaxi Street Night Market aka Snake Alley – Wanhua, Taipei

This is a more controversial night market, as it used to be a legal red light district. You can find fortune telling, massages, porn, clothes, and food all in one place.

It really is a bizarre market. It also connects with a couple other markets near Longshan Temple. Many locals do not favor it. This is also the place you can try snake and turtle.

Update 2023 – While I’m glad I visited this one, I wouldn’t go back. And in 2018 the last snake meat restaurant closed, exciting!

How To Get To Snake Alley

Take the MRT blue line to Longshan. It will be out of exit 1 on the west side of the temple. If you go to the market and the temple, got to the temple first because it closes much earlier.

What To Try At Snake Alley:

  • Turtle
  • Squid
  • Taiwanese sausage
  • Fresh fish
  • Shellfish
  • Fish head and fish steak stew
  • Dading pork soup

Keelung Miaokou Night Market – Keelung City

This market is in Keelung, an easy trip from Taipei, adjacent to the harbor. It is food focused and is a wonderful place to try delicious and fresh seafood. Lines can be long, but that just means it’s even more delicious.

How To Get To Keelung Night Market

Take the MRT to Taipei Main Station. Take the local train to Keelung station. They leave every 15-20 minutes.

The market entrance is at the intersection of Aisan Road and Rensan Road. It is mostly on those two roads with a few lanes going in other directions.

What To Try At Keelung Night Market:

  • Butter crabs
  • Eel stew
  • Taiwanese tempura
  • Pao Pao shaved ice
  • Cream crab
  • Fried sandwiches
  • Dingbiacuo (rice noodle soup with oysters, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, dried tiger lilies, dried shrimp, and shredded pork.)

Bonus Taipei Market: Dihua Street Chinese New Year Market

This market is only around the two weeks before Chinese New Year in January. The street is known for it’s architecture and is relatively calm most of the year, but is then known for the atmosphere and decorations the two weeks of the market.

Locals flock to it to gather decorations and supplies for the New Year and tourists go to soak it all in. It can be a little intimidating, but totally worth it. You can ask for sample of pretty much everything here, so go hungry like usual.

How To Get To Dihua Street

It’s 10-15 minutes from the new Beimen MRT station, or about 20 minutes from the Shaunglian station. It can be combined with a trip to the Ningxia market or the nearby Yongle market.

What To Try At Dihua Street:

  • Candy
  • Dried fruit
  • Dried veggies
  • Various soups
  • Fish jerky
  • Spiral chip things (I have no idea what they are, but they’re good and everywhere)

Best night markets in Taiwan

Now for the best night markets throughout the rest of Taiwan! While what I’ve included is just a drop in the giant night market bucket, it’s at least a place to start!

Luodong Night Market – Luodong

This is one of the biggest and most crowded night markets in all of Taiwan. It opens around 6 PM and has food, general goods, and games. It is one of two night markets in Yilan County. It is right next to Luodong Park.

How To Get To Luodong Night Market

Take the train to Luodong Station and walk along Chongcheng Road, then turn right onto Xindong Road.

You can also go by bus. Take the Gouguang Bus towards Luodong or the Capital Bus towards Luodong.

What To Try At Luodong Night Market:

  • Mutton herbal soup
  • Iced tapioca with red bean
  • Rice noodle thick soup
  • Smoked duckling
  • Ox tongue shaped pastry
  • Yilan scallion pancake
  • Salty rice noodle
  • Longfeng legs
  • Fried Chicken steak

Liuhe Night Market – Kaohsiung (sometimes Liouhe)

This market opens at 6 PM and takes about 30 minutes to walk through. It’s just one street, but has a lot to offer. The highlight of the market is seafood and some stalls are actually restaurants.

How To Get To Liuhe Night Market

It’s near the Kaohsiung railway station. Take the Kaohsiung MRT red line to R10 stop, or the orange line to O5, Formosa Boulevard and follow exit 11.

What To Try At Liuhe Night Market:

  • Papaya milk
  • Stinky tofu
  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Octopus
  • Big sausage in little sausage
  • Fish soup

Rueifong Night Market – Kaohsiung

This is another night market in Kaohsiung. It is less touristy because it hasn’t been changed to suit the tastes of tourists.

The one is NOT open every night. It is closed Monday and Wednesday, but opens 6 PM – 12 AM every other night.

Keep this in mind if you’re planning a visit. It is in the Zuoying District. It is busiest after 8 PM and less busy Tuesday and Thursday.

How To Get To Rueifong Night Market

Take the MRT red line to R14 and follow the exit for San Min Vocational School. The campus should be on your right as you walk.

What To Try At Rueifong Night Market:

  • Hot pot
  • Iron fried steak
  • Wanguo steak teppanyaki
  • Stir fry noodles
  • Meat and veggie BBQ skewers
  • Stinky tofu
  • Satay BBQ
  • Joy’s cookies

Fengjia Night Market – Taichung

This last market is in Taichung on the west coast. It is next to Feng Chia University and is also known as Wenhua Market because it is along Fushing Road and Wenhua Road.

As you approach the University gates, it is off the side streets and alleys. The main streets open around 2 PM, but it is really bustling from 7 PM to 1 AM.

How To Get To Fengjia Night Market

Get to the Taichung HSR station and take shittle bus 160 towards Chinese Overseas University and get off at Feng Chia University. It is free for HSR passengers, so hold onto your receipt if you do this.

What To Try At Fengjia Night Market:

  • Yam rice ball
  • Squid balls (look for the big blue octopus sign)
  • Pizza
  • Deep fried mushrooms
  • Fried duck
  • Kung Fu Monkey
  • 1000 layer onion cake
  • Cia Cia Fu Fries with plum powder
  • Stinky tofu
  • Red tea stinky tofu
  • Minglun pancake
  • Fried pork bun

Taiwan night market FAQs

Have a question about Taiwanese night markets? it might be here! If it’s not, leave it in the comments and I’ll answer there!

Why Does Taiwan Have So Many Night Markets?

While markets have existed in Chinese culture pretty much forever, modern night markets weren’t a thing until after World War II.

They started out catering to migrant workers and offered xiaochi which is basically small plates of food. Some of them sold (and still so sell) other goods but it’s primarily xiaochi now.

They’ve only grown in popularity over time and make great places to hang out with friends and enjoy budget-friendly food.

What is a Taipei Night Market Like?

Bustling is the best word I can think of. They’re busy and crowded, and a little overwhelming. There are a lot of people, a lot of smells, and it can be hot, particularly in the summer.

How many night markets are in Taiwan?

There are about 70 night markets in Taiwan! It’s hard to find an exact number though.

How many night markets are in Taipei?

Around 30 night markets can be found in Taipei!

What time are night markets in Taiwan open?

Most night markets in Taiwan open between 4 PM and 5 PM and close down between 12 AM and 1 AM.

Not all of them are open every day though, so check hours online or ask at your hostel to make sure before going.

Which is the most popular night market in Taiwan?

The most popular night markets in Taipei are Rahoe and Shilin. In the rest of Taiwan it’s Fengjia and Liouhe.

Taiwan night market do’s and don’ts

Don’t haggle. Prices are set at night markets in Taiwan.

Don’t bring a large backpack. They’re crowded and a large backpack would be annoying and inconvenient.

Do use the bathroom before you get there since most don’t have bathrooms.

Do have your money easy to access and ready to go. You’ll start accumulating change and night markets are the perfect place to spend it.

And it’s way easier than sitting around waiting for change with a huge line behind you. Most dishes are 20-70 NTD (New Taiwan Dollars) and people usually spend 100-300 NTD per trip.

Don’t worry about street food not being safe. Of course, anything can happen but for the most part you’ll be good. If you are worried, pick stalls with long lines so you know it’s fresh.

Do get there early if you want to avoid some of the crowds. 7-10 is the busiest time.

Do try everything! I can sometimes be a picky eater (less when I travel) but I still tried things like stinky tofu and oyster omelettes!

Find a couple of people to go with to split food, but make sure they’re ok with sharing. You don’t want to be the pushy person trying to share everything.

Or, share some things, like stinky tofu, and get other things just for yourself, like pork buns.

Final thoughts on Taiwan Night Markets

Visiting a night market in Taiwan is a must-have experience while you’re there, even if you only have one day in Taipei.

They’re fun to go to and walk around and a really great place to try a lot of different Taiwanese foods.

My best advice for night markets is to go to as many as possible and try as much as you can, even if it does smell like rotten feet.

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Have you been to any night markets in Taiwan?  What was your favorite food there?  Least favorite?

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    1. That will be awesome! Shilin is a really great one if you can only go to one because it’s huge and you can try tons of different things.

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