The Best Taiwan Bucket List Ever (80+ AWESOME Ideas!)

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You know I love Taiwan. And if you didn’t, well I love Taiwan. I think about going back ALL THE TIME and figured making a Taiwan bucket list would help get me even more excited to go back, not that I needed much motivation for that.

I broke it down into a Taipei bucket list which includes some places that aren’t in the city, but are close to it, within an hour or so of the city so you could easily visit them if you just had one or two days in Taipei. They’re also great options for a Taipei day trip. I also made a general Taiwan bucket list section which is where you’ll find everything further away from Taipei.

While most things on this Taiwan bucket list are city oriented, there are tons of awesome outdoor activities, too. Most of the islands on this list are great for outdoor lovers, but there are plenty of great hikes on the mainland, too.

I thought I had an already long bucket list for Taipei and Taiwan, but it basically just doubled as I compiled this list, so hopefully it helps inspire a trip for you, too, or gets you excited about an already planned trip. I linked to everything I have posts for and crossed off everything else I’ve done but don’t have a post for.

Bucket list posts

Taipei Bucket List

Taipei is one of my favorites cities ever, I love it so much. I spent almost an entire month there and barely scratched the surface. Along with Japan, it’s probably the number one place I want to go back to.

My Taipei bucket list is always growing and it’s definitely a place I would want to spend at least another month. I loved being able to see and do a ton of things but also relax a little. Hopefully this give you some awesome ideas for your own Taipei bucket list.

Taiwan Bucket List

While I want to spend a whole month in Taipei, I also want plenty of time to explore the rest of Taiwan since I didn’t get to see and do as much around the island.

There are so many amazing places to go in Taiwan and things to see, it’s hard to know where to start but this Taiwan bucket list should help with that.

  • Visit Xiao Yehliu
  • Relax on the beach in Kenting
  • See the Rainbow Village in Taichung
  • Visit Orchid Island
  • Visit Penghu Island
  • Hike Taroko Gorge
  • Do an east coast road trip
  • Hike Alishan
  • Go paragliding in Hualien
  • Stay in the Hello Kitty room at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung
  • Go whale watching at Wushih Harbor
  • Explore Yushan National Park
  • Do the multi-day Beidawushan Trail
  • Hike Jade Mountain
  • See the Qingshui Cliffs
  • See Sun Moon Lake
  • Visit Wen Wu Temple
  • Climb the Ci-en Pagoda
  • Visit the Fo Guang Shan
  • Go diving on Green Island
  • Visit Matsu Island
  • Climb Cigu Salt Mountain in Tainan
  • Explore Hualien
  • Attend the Taitung Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Relax in the Lisong hot springs
  • Admire the Street Art at Pier 2 in Kaohsiung
  • Visit Cijin Island
  • Explore the Maolin Scenic Area
  • Visit a tea farm in Shizhuo
  • Visit the A-Zone Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park in Hualien
  • Visit the Xitou Monster Village
  • See the Hakka Round House in Miaoli
  • Explore Taitung
  • See the cave temple on Lion’s Head Mountain
  • Visit Xiao Liu Qiu
  • Attend the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival
  • Visit Mukumugi Valley
  • Visit Liyu Lake
  • Visit the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung
  • Visit Kinmen Island
  • See the burning of the Wang Yeh boats
  • See the Dragon Bridge by Taitung
  • Visit the Eluanbi Lighthouse and Park

Hopefully this bucket list for Taiwan was helpful and got you excited about visiting someday. I know I want to go back more than ever now and can’t wait to see even more of the wonderful little island.

Have you been to Taiwan? Whats on your Taiwan bucket list? Your Taipei bucket list? Anything I should add to this? Whats your favorite thing to do in Taiwan?

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