Experience Devils Tower in Wyoming

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Well, after ALL those winter posts, get it ALL like, six of them, it’s time for a little warmer weather.  The only reason there are so few posts for the whooooole winter is because I really didn’t do all that much.  It’s been pretty well covered in those.  So, onto my brief spring travels and the beginning of the summer adventures!  For a quick little catch up, I was in Wyoming for the winter (as you can see from the winter posts) then I went back to Wisconsin for like, ten days.


The first stop on the way back to Wisconsin was Devil’s Tower on the eastern side of Wyoming.  We spent the night in Gilette, about an hour from the Devils Tower and headed out earlyish the next morning for the tower itself.  The drive to it was pretty nice and it was exciting trying to spot it off in the distance.  It was a weird little area we drove through, too though.

Once we got to the park the tower was looming over us and the prairie dogs were running around us.  I’ve never been so excited to see prairie dogs and I have no idea why I was this time since I’ve seen them before.  Maybe it was because I haven’t been that close or able to stop and look at them.  And now, I love prairie dogs and got to see endangered ones at Bryce Canyon!


The scenic road goes maybe halfway around the tower and there are some hiking trails at the end sort of near the visitors center.  We didn’t do any hikes as we wanted to spend more time at the Badlands and possibly visit Wind Cave.  I’m glad we went, because if I didn’t now, I would have wanted to later.  I probably wouldn’t go back unless it was on my way somewhere already.  If you’re in the area though, definitely visit.  I’m really selling this aren’t I?

You know what the craziest part is?  People climb this thing!  I didn’t see anyone doing it, but I don’t know if there is a specific place they do it?  Or if there even was anyone that day?  I don’t really know how it works, but hey, if you like climbing, consider Devils Tower!

Tips for visiting Devils Tower:

  • Park entrance is $15 per vehicle and good for seven days.  If you have the America The Beautiful pass, that works, too.
  • If you do want to climb it, you need to register.
  • There are climbing closures, so make note of those.
  • Watch out for prairie dogs and deer on the road.
  • As always, if you plan on hiking bring water and wear sunscreen.

Have you been to Devils Tower?  What did you think of it?  Do you want to go?  Have you climbed it?  Is it awesome?

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