What I Learned After One Month In Nicaragua

After almost two months gone, I just keep learning new things. Some about myself, and some about wherever I am. Some are more exciting than others as well.


Don’t always listen to other people. All the rumors for the trip to the Corn Islands were tales of nightmares. So, of course, looking for an adventure I made a new friend and we went by land. The only problems we ran into were not buying our bus tickets early enough and a broken down panga that was switched out with a comfier one. The trip went well, and was a fun experience.


Guatemalan coffee is still the best, but I haven’t made it to Costa Rica yet. The final results of this will come soon.


Honking actually means nothing. In Nicaragua, drivers are brave. In Managua, drivers are fearless. Honks usually just mean get out of my way, I’m not slowing down.


The internet isn’t everything. Here on the Corn Islands, wifi is hard to come by, much less an outlet that works. It’s nice to not always be connected and worrying about what the internet has to say.


Fresh juice and smoothies are the best and they’re good any time of day. And as a bonus, super cheap down here.


I really enjoy being by and on the beach, but my enjoyment of water activities outside of being near it and in shallows parts of it, is not quite as high. I do, however, enjoy kayaking quite a bit, not for long periods of time though.


Nicaraguan dogs always look like they’re on a mission. These dogs know what they want. I could sit by the beach and read all day with the occasional dip in the water to cool off.


And last of all, if you’re contemplating it, go to the Corn Islands! They are totally worth it for time in a little slice of Nicaraguan Caribbean paradise. And upon arrival on Little Corn Island, go around to the other side to find a place to stay. I repeat, go around the island! Don’t stay on the side you get dropped off on, the other side is so much nicer with cheap beach cabanas right on the water.


Have you been to Nicaragua?  What advice do you have for people visiting? Do you want to go?


5 thoughts on “What I Learned After One Month In Nicaragua

  1. Hi meg! Your adventure is quickly coming to an end. What amazing experiences you’ve had and people you’ve met. We will be anxious to hear all about it and see your photos. How much coffee can you bring home?? I’ve enjoyed following you…where are you going next????
    Love, aunt mary

    1. Hopefully I can bring a bunch home! Or ship stuff back, depends how much I can get rid of from my backpack before I leave! Headed to Monteverde, Costa Rica next I believe. Maybe panama for a few days if I can !

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