Modern Toilet: Taipei’s Toilet Restaurant

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I remember seeing this bizarre toilet restaurant on the Travel Channel years ago.  I thought how weird is that and then promptly forgot about it.  And then I was researching things to do in Taipei and one of the first things I saw was this.  Modern Toilet.  The weird toilet restaurant from forever ago.  I had to go.  But really, how could you not want to? (I get how you could not want to, it’s weird.)

It was my first day back in Taipei and I had two new friends to drag with me on this adventure.  We were deciding between a night market or Modern Toilet.  The night market won out the first night, but the next day, we were definitely going to be eating at Modern Toilet.  No doubt about it.  This was my real introduction to weird things in Asia.

Lucky for us, it was in the Ximending pedestrian area, just a short walk from our hostel!  After wandering around it for a bit trying to find it, there it was.  A giant glowing toilet on the outside of a building.  That had to be it.  I mean, what else could it have been?


We walked in and were greeted by some extremely loud dance music which is obviously the most logical thing to play in a restaurant full of toilets.  If you have other ideas on what they should play (or if they played something else while you were there), I’d love to hear them.  There were a few of floors and we were seated on the first.  Well, second, because it wasn’t on the ground floor.  We chose our toilets based on the coolest seat covers I think and were facing a large happy poop mosaic.  What more could you ask for at dinner, really?

The menu was full of poop shaped goodies served out of various styles of toilets.  They were not messing around when they designed this place and I very much appreciate that.  Poop lights.  Poop shaped menus.  Poop mosaics.  Poop pillows in the windows. Toilets for seats.  And Toilets for plates.  They had this down.  This was 100% the weirdest place I’ve ever eaten and I would highly recommend it to anyone in Taipei, more for the weird atmosphere than anything.  The food wasn’t the best, but it certainly didn’t taste like the decor either.

Where is Modern Toilet?

Modern Toilet is in the Ximending Pedestrian area.  Here is the Modern Toilet address:

When is Modern Toilet open?

Modern Toilet is open everyday with slightly extended hours on the weekend.

Mon – Fri – 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

Sat – Sun – 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Is Modern Toilet worth it?

Yes.  Unless you’re really offended by poop and toilets, then no, but otherwise yes.

Have you been to Modern Toilet?  Would you ever go here?  What’s the weirdest place you’ve eaten?

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  1. I only thought it was Japan that was home to odd restaurants like this! Taiwan is high on my list anyways, now knowing they have quirky places like this I will have to definitely go! Modern toilet seems like a hoot.

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