7 Things to Love about Slovenia

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1 . Wine

Slovenia is pretty well known for wine, and while I was there I drank a lot of it.  Most of the places I went the wine was more on the dry side, but it was all so delicious and I wish I was there with some right now.  Not to mention, the wineries and vineyards are all in wonderful locations.

2 . The buildings

Id say it’s probably typical European architecture, but I’ve only seen so much of it.  I did really love the buildings in Slovenia.  The cities with the old bricks.  The small towns with tiny alleys.  The villages with cute houses with bright flower boxes on all the windows.  It’s hard to beat all that.

3 . Ljubljana

The area around Preseren Square was wonderful.  There’s a good sized area only for pedestrians so it’s perfect for wandering around.  I spent probably five hours just walking around, in and out of shops, along the river, through some art things, and with a coffee in hand a good portion of the time.  The river is lined with all kinds of hip restaurants, perfect for a nice sunny day.\

4 . The Adriatic coast

Hands down, my favorite place in Slovenia.  Portoroz, Piran, and Izola and three neighboring cities right on the Adriatic Sea.  I’m sure you can drive between them, but we went by boat which was super fun.  They’re all similar, but totally different at the same time.  Portoroz seemed more spread out and had more things by the water.  Piran had a main square with winding streets and alleys branching out into the hills and to the sea.  I love it!

5 . The music

Ok, I hated the music before I went there, but it is catchy.  I still wouldn’t want to listen to accordions ALL the time, but it is still enjoyable.  It’s perfect for dancing along to and perfect for the whole country.

6 . Lake Bled

Lake Bled is dreamy and fairytale-esque.  It feels like you could be in a Disney movie there.  Of course it’s super cool that there’s a church on the island in the lake and a castle hanging off a cliff above the lake shores, too.  It’s just so pretty and reminds me now of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.

7  . It’s SO pretty

Like, for reals.  You’ve got Lake Bled, Triglav National Park, Vintgar Gorge, the Alps, and so much more.  Slovenia is a really great destination for hikers and outdoorsy folks. None of this sound good?  Don’t worry! There are tons of other awesome things to do in Slovenia.

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Have you been to Slovenia?  Where did you go?  Did you like it?  What did you like about it?  Do you want to go?

6 things to love about Slovenia (1)6 things to love about Slovenia

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