My Outdoor Colorado Bucket List

This winter instead of making a yearly state to-do list, I decided to just make a bigger state bucket list.  Then I decided to turn this into a little series.  I wanted to do specific states that I spend a lot of time in, want to spend a lot of time in, or am close to a lot. 

I also wanted to do more general regional bucket lists for all the other things I want to do, which is a lot.  They are all pretty outdoor focused with a few non-outdoorsy things, too.

Next up in this little series is my outdoor Colorado Bucket list.  As I do things and write posts for them, I’ll update this to link back to those.  If I do something and don’t have a post, I’ll just cross it out.  I would like to do one a month with 12 total. 

These bucket lists are partially to help me keep track of things, but also to inspire you to get out there, too.  You can see all of my Colorado posts here.  This list will also be very helpful for planning the best Colorado road trip ever.

Bucket list posts

Colorado Bucket List

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now.  I know there are so many more amazing hikes in Colorado and I want to hear your suggestions!  Let me know what your favorite hike in Colorado is so I can add it to my own Colorado bucket list.  In the meantime, you can check out my other bucket lists here.

Have you done any of these things?  Which ones?  What would you add to my Colorado bucket list?  

4 thoughts on “My Outdoor Colorado Bucket List

  1. Megan, your list provides great inspiration for future trips! I’ve spent a couple of days in Ouray, hiked to Hanging Lake twice (years ago, before it became so crazy crowded), driven half of the San Juan Skyway (the “million dollar highway” lives up to its name), and made two trips to Vail. When you are in the Vail area, I encourage you to take side trips to tiny Minturn and Leadville, which is said to be the highest city in the U.S. If you are there in July, try to take the Mountain Meadows hike near Minturn. The wildflowers and views are so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I’ll have to look into those! I love seeing wildflowers so that sounds wonderful

  2. Have you been to durango? i didnt see it on the list? awesome place! you camp out north of durango near cascade creek, also a beautiful spot! Mountains creeks and streams!

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